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The webmaster of this site has a companion dog, these dogs are as entitled to every privilege as afforded to guide dogs. The law is perfectly clear on this point, these dogs must be carried and no person has any authority to refuse for any reason. Religious reasons simply do not enter into it at all. These people think that their religion can exempt them from whatever they choose. The problem is the gutless administrators of the laws wilt at the thought of being accused of racist or whatever. The laws apply equally to ALL persons without fear or favour in this country, or so we are led to believe. If these people do not want to adhere to our laws they should by all rights be made aware of their wrong doing in no uncertain terms. If they don’t like that they can find a country or occupation more to their liking.

Australia prides itself and we are fore runners in how we treat our citizens who are not as fully able bodied as are the rest of us. That makes me a very proud Australian. We really go out of our way to try and help these less fortunate than others to try and have some quality of life as best as can be given. There is always more that can be done. This webmaster actually has a taxi license. Yes I see this all the time and these lot are totally unrepentant in any form. This website fully supports immediate loss of Taxi Authority no questions asked. How they feed their family becomes their problem. The following story is from Austria however is very prevalent in Australia.

Austria: Muslim Taxi Drivers Refuse to Transport Guide Dogs For the Blind

“Muslims traditionally regard dogs as “impure.”

Muslim taxi drivers in Austria are refusing to transport blind people with guide dogs because dogs are seen as being unclean in Islamic culture.

Tiroler Tageszeitung 报告 on how a former board member of the Association for the Blind, who is totally blind herself, ordered a taxi to drop her off at Innsbruck airport.

然而, when the taxi arrived, the driver refused to take her dog.

Taxi operators Anton Eberl and Harald Flecker apologized for the incident but stressed that they only mediate calls and do not own the taxis.

“We try to make it clear to the drivers again and again that this is not the case for us and that these trips have to be carried out exactly like any other job. Unfortunately, at the moment we are not in a position to solve this problem satisfactorily, ” said Flecker, adding that drivers had to be told “again and again” about the rules.

According to the Tiroler Tageszeitung newspaper, “80 percent of drivers now have a migrant background – and Muslims traditionally often regard dogs as “impure”.

Gabriele Jandrasits also tried to order a taxi to transport her and her Beagle-Jack Russell dog to the airport. Despite the fact that the dog was contained inside a transport cage, she was told that “most drivers would refuse to take dogs for reasons of faith.”

Local laws state the drivers must accept guide dogs for the blind, although many of them simply seem to be ignoring this mandate.

Meanwhile, diversity continues to be a strength.


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