Its All A Massive Lie

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First off, you simply cannot catch the corona virus, its impossible. The video shows why, and why you have been fed massive lies. Furthermore the Government knows this. All Governments know this as a fact. The video shows what a virus really is and the Government and media have been feeding off your ignorance. Get educated and get unplugged.

Factually, in Australia the Prime Minister Scott Morrison is promising billions in bail out packagesto be delivered starting the end of April. Why the delay? He is praying for a miracle. This country doesn’t have the money to pay for any stimulus package and interestingly the sources he claims he will be using doesn’t have it either. The IMF does have it but they cannot access it, even they are locked out. The miracle he wants is that all this corona virus hysteria will have blown over and if it doesn’t, the IMF will be able to access the money. The treasurer knows all this and is going for a different angle

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has called for the global economy to be put intocontrolled hibernationduring the coronavirus emergency, in a virtual meeting of Group of 20 (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors last night. Simply put, these lot have made a bed for themselves even they cannot sleep in and Frydenberg is chasing down an escape routelong term.

Meanwhile the country is going down the gurgler, people out of work, businesses collapsing all over the place, the money flow has all but stopped. People is quarantine for no valid reason at all and it goes on. People have been scared senseless through ignorance and that is the game plan. Yes we are in a depression, there is no question about it and indisputably that’s a fact. The author of this drives a Manly Warringah cab part time, keeps me occupied. The man I drive for a week ago owned 18 cabs. As of yesterday (31st March) he took 12 off the road. Today I understand he possibly may be taking 4 more off the road. This is first hand knowledge. This scenario is being replicated all over Australia. The ladies in the radio room are fearful for their jobs. Manly Warringah cabs (as do all others) rely on (largely) the payment of a network fee of usually about $600 a month (this varies between companies) for each car on the road to stay solvent. Manly cabs have about 150 cars in the networkor did. Do the sums, they like most other cab companies will possibly suffer as a result. The fiscal belt can only be pulled so tight. The man I drive for is Indian, he and his family are really great people and the kind we need in this country. They may be Indian, but Aussie through and through. Funny part is about 10 days ago he and his family came back from India and are now in self imposed quarantine which they adhere to. The namesake of this website Peter Rogers is stuck overseas and cannot get back. So yes, there is a bit of firsthand knowledge in all this.

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I might explain to our foreign readers that the Manly Warringah area is one of the most prestigious places in Australia and enjoys a lifestyle second to none. Manly cabs themselves are recognised as one of Australia’s best cab companies. The company is great, the radio room (mostly) ladies are fantastic. As one director said to me a few years agoManly cabs is one of the real multicultural success stories in this country. He was quite right, the other ethnic drivers are great people and we are all very courteous to each other. A lot of these people now have no jobs, the Manly cab people are very loyal and fear for their jobs but reality is cuts (at least) will have to be made at the corporate level.

What is a Virus?


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