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There is simply no question about it, the education standards are slipping badly. Its all about political correctness and the need to ensure everyone feels as though they are worthy and can achieve. The simple fact of the matter is there is always those who cannot or do not want to achieve yet receive the very same qualifications as the real achievers.

It then comes down to an issue of competency. A highly incompetent person can look good on paper however are they actually competent in what they are supposed to do? The simple answer is no. So how can we sort the wheat from the chaff? Simple answer is we cannot. The quite incompetent person has been assessed as competent by simply lowering the standards and the assessment procedures. It gets to the stage where people who can barely read and write become English Professors and you try and argue against them, you cannot. Pity help you with open heart surgery, you end up with people who cannot slice a cake doing the procedure. Try and take a malpractice claim against them, you don’t stand a chance.

Take a look at whats below, some very smart teacher put a numbers book together.

These women in the Miss USA contest, some no doubt have college degrees.

5 bananas

The simple fact of the matter is that our education system needs a massive overhaul. There are going to be some that simply are not high achievers, that doesn’t mean they are hopeless, it simply means they can achieve very well in other areas.

The other real problem we encounter is useless degrees that only qualify someone to be a burger flipper. Worse still, how many graphic artists do we need or astronomers. What is their likelihood of getting a job? Not very high sadly. People need to be very realistic about life. Moreover, rational education needs to be addressed. Simply because somebodylikessomething doesn’t mean they will ever be employed. Why have intakes year after year of meteorologists and astronomers? A course every 5 years or so possibly would suffice.

Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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