Britain And The Royals Are Finished

Contrary to popular belief, the British Royals are very left wing. There is no question that Princess Diana was assassinated because she walked away from the royals. She knew too much. They had to be protected. The prince Andrew Paedophile issue showed up certain truths. Prince Charles is on the world will end in 10 years global warming bandwagon. Prince William is on the Africa has to be depopulated train as well.

princess diana

Then of course there is Prince Harry and his wife. They have made fools of themselves at every turn. You dont have to go past the wedding for that. It was more of a Harlem gathering than a wedding. His wife Meaghan comes from a highly questionable background. As does Harry himself. All in all, they are finished. We have to walk away from Britain.

Does anyone seriously think so many Islamics and Africans would be taking over Britain if the Queen did not sanction it? Think about it.

queen nothing to see here

Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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