Animal Welfare Laws

It must be said that animals have feelings as well. Animals have emotional and physical feelings equal to ours. They are one of god’s creatures that are deserving of total protection. It is our position that anyone who abuses or mistreats animals in any way will be subject to the same laws as though the offence was committed against a human. Anyone who knows the love of an animal will understand this. We hold that those who don’t are in for a very hard learning curve. We will push for harsh legislation to make this happen. There will be no excuse accepted.

Religious dogma or ideals are not an acceptable excuse. In fact quite the opposite is true. We accept that we are meat eaters and that animals have to be slaughtered for that reason. We also adopt the view that we cannot have faith in live export of animals is in the animals best interests. If people don’t accept humane slaughter of animals here then they can starve.

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