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Yes the PC mob will get up in arms and pull out the race card. Sorry, this has nothing to black versus white, its actually black versus black and nothing to do with whites. They refuse to act civilised, refuse to integrate, refuse to better themselves, refuse everything except unemployment benefits. They get brought to arguably one of the best countries in the world for a second chance and carry on worse than back in their own countries. The PC mob dream up all the excuses in the world for them and claim its only some of them. Facts are its all of them. Melbourne and other places are in a state of fear about the African gang violence.

All the mother of this kid can do is cry her eyes out and claim he got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Just like any junkie or thief, it was his choice and only himself to blame. Oh but he came from a disadvantaged background they say. So did my grandparents come from a disadvantaged background.

Lets get the facts right, so did many Italians, Greeks Serbs, Croatians, British Philippino’s, Thais, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Indians, you name it, they too came from disadvantaged backgrounds. Oh yes, they are all full of violence these lot. Please take your sorry assed excuses somewhere else, they don’t wash. Deport these useless violent thugs along with their families back to where they came from, the big problem is they breed and nothing gets solved.

Multiple weapons used in Melbourne brawl that led to 17-year-old Aguer Akec’s death

Aguer Lual Akec smiles as he holds out a pair of yellow Nike runners.PHOTO: Aguer Akec, 17, was killed during a brawl at St Albans in Melbourne’s north-west on Sunday. (已提供: Akec family)

Up to 30 people armed with golf clubs, steel rods, fence palings and a knife were involved in a youth brawl in Melbourne’s north-west that led to the death of a 17-year-old boy, police say.


  • Detective Inspector Tim Day said the fatal brawl between two groups in St Albans started over a dispute about a car
  • Police are searching for a 2005 silver Holden Commodore registered in South Australia with the number plate S111 AZI
  • Anyone with dashcam footage from 11:00pm Saturday to 2:00am Sunday has been urged to contact Crime Stoppers

Aguer Akec was attacked during the brawl and later died from his injuries in Regan Street near Keilor Plains train station, after a fight broke out between two groups just after 1:30am on Sunday.

Ten people were arrested but were later released.

Police are searching for a 2005 silver Holden Commodore registered in South Australia with the number plate S111 AZI.

We believe the affray may have started from a dispute [over the car] earlier in the day at Green Gully Reserve [during] a soccer match that occurred until 7:00pm,” Detective Inspector Tim Day said.

We believe [the car] belonged to one of the members involved in the affray.

Aguer Lual Akec stands beside his mother, dressed for a formal event.PHOTO: Aguer Akec and his mother Martha Mayola, who is being supported by Melbourne’s South Sudanese community in the wake of her son’s death. (已提供: Akec family)

Group scattered after fatal injury

Inspector Day said police had been told a group of about 10 males, including Aguer, gathered at Keilor Plains station in St Albans on Saturday night before heading south to Fox Street.

About 1:20am on Sunday, the group met with another group of up to 20 other males from a property in Fox Street.

It is understood the groups met in relation to the dispute about the car, Inspector Day said.

Both groups headed back to the train station where a fight broke out.

Inspector Day said sticks, steel rods, golf clubs, fence palings and at least one knife were involved in the fight.

He said some weapons were recovered from the area that wereclearly usedin the fight but could not say if they were related to Aguer’s death.

Inspector Day said when Aguer was assaulted, the groups scattered in different directions.

Ambulances are parked in a residential street at night.PHOTO: Paramedics were unable to save Aguer from his injuries. (ABC新闻)

Aguer headed to Regan Street, where he died from his injuries.

Inspector Day would not reveal whether police had any suspects but said some of those involved were known to police.

He also would not say what specific injuries Aguer suffered but the boy’s family yesterday told the ABC they believed he was stabbed.

A family spokesperson described Aguer as ahumble, quietboy.

Brawl witnesses urged to come forward

Inspector Day asked anyone in the vicinity of the area to check their properties for weapons that could have been dropped and asked anyone with CCTV or dashcam footage to come forward.

Any residents in the area, particularly those bordered by the railway station by Taylors Road to the north, Newcombe Drive to the west, Biggs Street to the south, and Leslie Street to the east should contact Crime Stoppers,” 他说.

Anyone with dashcam footage from 11:00pm Saturday, December 21, to 2:00am Sunday, December 22 should contact Crime Stoppers.

Inspector Day said there were people who knew what happened during the fight and said they must come forward.

It’s really important that we hear from you because without your help we aren’t going to solve this,” 他说.

We’ve already made some significant advances in this investigation. There is no doubt at all we will identify most, if not all of the people involved. We have CCTV from the station, people have spoken to us, more people will speak to us.


Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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