Vietnam Veterans

Our Vietnam veterans were demonised from start to finish. We are not asking anyone to agree or disagree with the involvement there at all. Everyone is entitled to their own views.

These men were asked to go and do a job and they did. They are fellow Australians – our mates. The guys we work beside and have a beer in the pub with.

Child killers, mass murderers – no to all that. They were ordinary men asked to do extraordinary things in a far off country in a culture they didn’t understand fully.

The truth in fact is these men did very heroic acts, very few of them made the media ever. These men come from a very proud tradition of warriors that has earned the respect of the entire world. I speak of the Charge of the Light Brigade and of course, Gallipoli. This webmaster has been to Gallipoli and seen it for himself. It is forever locked in my mind the first impressions as I came over the rise and saw the beach, down there were the soldiers landing and no cover, up on the hills with all the tactical advantage were the Turks. How in hell did a single one of them survive?

Its pleasing to note that ANZAC day ceremonies are getting great attendances these days, the young people are embracing our fallen men, women and animals memories. These very young people are our future. At Peter L Rogers we express great faith in the future of our young people in making the correct decisions as to direction and goals.

vietnam veterans

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