These guys are professional drivers and know what they have to do. Yes there are some cowboys out there

What galls us is that the NSW Highway Patrol wilfully targeted the Burrumbuttock hay runners – not once but twice. Don’t these dumb arse cops have anything better to do like book their grandmothers? These drivers were volunteering their time and trucks to take hay for stock feed all over Australia during one of the worst droughts we ever had. Millions of livestock would have been lost if it were not for these fantastic Australians. This is all while the politicians were sitting on their arses pandering to certain people and ignoring the entire plight of the Australian farmer. To make matters worse these very same politicians have ignored the water conservation issue for years. There are posts on this website over this very issue. Well not quite ignoring, Counsellors were sent out to help them through their grief. How helpful is that I ask you?

I recall recently our esteemed Prime Minister Scott Morrison (scomo) praising the farmer stating that Australia actually feeds 40 million of the worlds people. Well scomo, please take your sanctimonious “I’m a hero” bullshit somewhere else and peddle it. Factually it has very little to do with income and all the rest of it.

These animals are thinking feeling creatures and rely on us for their food and water. Australians are a nation of animal lovers and to see them suffering shreds us totally. A farmer having to go out in the paddocks and shoot his livestock is one of the most traumatic experiences they can ever go through. Will the Highway Patrol or the politicians ever have the courage to shoot livestock on such a scale to alleviate the suffering? No the Highway Patrol would rather shoot us for taking a pee on the side of the road.

This entire rant came about because of one post on Social Media. It had no specific author, just retweeted.

truck smash

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I like it when you open up your Facebook and it ask you what’s on your mind.   Here is what’s on my mind today….. as you watch all these commercials with lawyers attacking big trucks… do you ever see one of a truck driver doing a tv ad how a lawyer got him $200,000!! ??   I wish I knew this drivers name.  He was pulling a 5 axle RGN with a total gross weight of 150,000 lbs.   A four wheeler pulled out in front of him…. yes an ATV!!  I can only imagine what genius adult would put an atv on a major Hwy… But the driver did the one thing he would NEVER get thanked for…. took the ditch and totaled his truck, trailer and load!  75 tons at 60 mph!!    Please remember this picture when you see those big trucks…. they are just not some old truck driver, or all the other names you might say under your breath when you get behind one.  Be cautious, Be Kind…. and the one day you do something stupid when you meet one of these… he will take the ditch for you.    It’s an honor sir to take your truck to Covington Tennessee!!   Oh, I failed to mention… the driver walked away… Be Safe out there!!

truckers prayer

Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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