This Nails It

If you want to understand why the left went under in Britain as they will elsewhere then this video nails it totally. We are getting very sick of being demonised, insulted, abused threatened, the violence and everything else that goes with it. The British showed their hand and said enough is enough. There are reports of mass violence from the left wing radicals who refuse to accept the result. Just like the Trump win, the margin is far to great to entertain the idea of vote rigging. Its plainly obvious there are upcoming civil wars – that as a reason to let these radicals get there own way is not good enough. It has been said that in order to understand and live with peace it is necessary to understand how to inflict great violence on others. Please take note.

Boris Johnson took an incredible gamble against quite impossible odds – and pulled it off giving him the greatest electoral victory in 80 years.

boris Johnson

shit like this

Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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