The New Standard

We have all been witnessing the falling standards of society, Fortunately this is the minority. Feminism or feminazi’s and the like has done much to harm the image of women amongst other things. There is the equivalent in men. For the most part people are generally quite civil and decent. There is the me me me generation. No they are not as bad as people think

This generation of millenials are simply a wake up to the reality of what is going on around them. They en mass without prompting have determined that the systems are failing them badly and they have to look after themselves. They are aware they are being indoctrinated in school, they are not silly. They are fully aware that the so called democratic system exists only to look after those in power and the elite therefore they see no way out except by way of socialism. Given half a chance at true democracy they will embrace it fully.

modern manners


Manners. Courtesy, civility decency and the one word that is bandied around a lot is respect. That is the new standard that is rearing its head and the kids are demanding it.The problem is, kids have never been taught a decent standard, its the failing of the parents. It is quite necessary to point out that there are many well mannered people out there, youngsters as well. I would say they are in the majority.

The problem as I see it is putting up with bad manners as we seem to do the offenders claim they have “rights”. The answer is simple, don’t have anything to do with them. Basically ostracise them where they end up getting nothing at all. The amount of shops I see now with signage about being on mobile phones and you wont get served is on the increase – as it should.

There is another big failing, mobile phones. The amount of people that simply walk across the road without looking, nearly getting run over is alarming. Pull these people up about it and the usual response is “its your fault and you should look where you are going”. Time to start handing out $1000 fines to people who do this. These are not just kids I see doing this – its adults as well. Half the answer would be if you get injured on a road as a pedestrian you get zero compensation, all protection of law is taken away.

Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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