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Toda a seca e falta de água questão já explodido em rostos políticos. Gladys Berejiklian no primeiro NSW tem ido para o controle total danos tentando parecer um morreu na heroína de lã com as novas barragens trabalho a ser feito. Um pouco tarde demais. Todo político anterior ela deve ser responsabilizada, todas as festas. Muito interessado em comprar mudança climática votos. Scott Morrison tem um verdadeiro colar de Alan Jones hoje e ouvinte de feedback realmente levou a mensagem para casa. Todos os políticos são total desperdício de espaço, centenas de cidades que funcionam fora da água, moribundos gado aos milhares, farmers being forced off the land and many committing suicide. This is all sickening in the extreme. At AIM we have been screaming about this forever. The party process is a dismal failure.

Alan Jones takes the PM to task over the drought in heated interview

Alan Jones has taken the Prime Minister to task in a heated interview about the ongoing drought crippling rural Australia.

Scott Morrison is hitting back at criticism of the government’s drought relief programs, insisting they are investing in immediate and long-term solutions.

The PM says he’s delivering on what he promised, putting an additional $318.5 million into helping struggling farmers.

“Wherever you look at it, it’s meeting the immediate needs of farmers,” he tells Alan Jones.

“It’s about meeting the needs in communities that are affected by the drought and then it’s investing for the longer term in the water infrastructure.”

Alan Jones came down hard on the Prime Minister, demanding to know what is being done right now.

“Prime Minister, they’re gone. They’re gone! They can’t survive today. I’m not talking about long-term viability, what can you do today?”

Mr Morrison eventually admitted there’s very little his government can do to fix the situation.

“We can’t kid ourselves that there’s a magic wand and a magic cash splash that’s going to make this thing totally solved.”

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The openline went into meltdown in response to the Prime Minister’s interview.

Listeners were shocked and disappointed at Mr Morrison’s answers, with some calling for him to resign.

Jim: “I’m just devastated. This guy’s a waste of space. I just can’t believe it.”

Michelle: “I’m a dairy farmer’s daughter. That interview should sign the end of his Prime Ministership. Just absolutely diabolical.”

Robert: “My blood’s boiling after hearing that. Complete failure as a Prime Minister. He’s arrogant. Eles foram enganando o público após a eleição “.

Anna: “Eu me senti como colocar meu punho através do rádio ouvindo Scott Morrison, esta manhã.”

Chris: “Ele é um fracasso!”


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