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Unter keinen Umständen essen alle Lebensmittel aus China. Dazu gehören Reis (aus Plastik hergestellt), “Mineral” Wasser, das ist sehr giftig. Dazu gehören Tierfutter. Bei AIM lieben wir den kosmopolitischen Lebensstil wir haben und was die Welt zu bieten hat. Wir gönne den peruanischen oder Filipino Bauern ihre Peso für ihre Produkte. Die Landwirte der Welt sind in der Regel über anständiges hart arbeitendes Salz der Erde Arten Kratzen einen Dollar zu machen. Es gibt eine Grenze, obwohl, wenn es wirkt sich auf unsere Gesundheit.

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‚Bio‘ Lebensmittel aus China gefunden Highly verschmutzt werden

Organic food sales have skyrocketed into a multi-billion dollar industry in recent years and where there’s money to be made, Korruption wahrscheinlich zu folgen ... Wir alle wissen jetzt über die Vorteile des Verzehrs von organischen im Vergleich zu den Risiken des Verzehrs von Fabrik Nutztieren und Nicht-Bio-Produkte, but do we really know whether we are buying organic products or fake organic foods that sneak their way into our grocery stores via a back door to China?

Mit dieser erhöhten Nachfrage, many food suppliers and grocery chains have looked overseas to stock their shelves and begun sourcing from the European Union where organic guidelines are not as stringent in the U.S. and whose products are often in turn sourced from China!

The world has known for years that China’s food production and safety standards, along with numerous consumer products are notoriously low and are often dangerous. Eigentlich, die US-. Consumer Product Safety Commission has a searchable database that lists the products and their recalls!

A major source of contamination of Chinese produce is via the water and soil which are often so toxic that just handling it carries enormous health risks. According to a Greenpeace report, “contamination of soil with a number of toxic metals, including cadmium and lead, is known to be an existing problem for many parts of Hunan Province, China. High levels of these metals have also been reported for rice grown in many parts of the province.”

Water sources are often equally toxic due to numerous problems including but not limited to over-development and lack of governmental oversight.

Much of China’s global-scale farming is located along the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers, both of which are known to be extremely polluted. This is because thousands of Chinese factories are operating along these same rivers, dumping their toxic sludge into the same water used to water the country’s growing fields. In one case, a chemical fertilizer plant dumped such excessive amounts of ammonia into the Fu river, a tributary of the Yangtze River, that an estimated 110 tons of dead fish died and had to be removed. Yet, the polluted river continued to be used for both industrial and agricultural purposed. Other chemicals and heavy metals have been found in very high and unsafe amounts in these rivers, as well as the food produced with that water.

To add insult to injury, our own government seems unable to track and test all the food that we import, thereby often exposing us to a completely unknown quantity of pollutants, pesticides, and other toxins.

Even perchlorate (a precursor to rocket fuel) has been found in China’s sewage as well as its rice, bottled drinking water, and milk. It is throughout the entire water supply and contaminates any would-be organic produce. Perchlorate is an endocrine-disruptor and is also toxic. Es kann falsche Regulierung des Stoffwechsels verursachen, Schilddrüsenprobleme, sowie Entwicklungsstörungen bei Kindern und Säuglingen.


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