Here at Peter L Rogers we believe in the individual as the important person, not institutionalised Politics. The people running these parties are generally NOT the people you elected, they are party presidents and etc and the elected politicians are simply their dogs bodies to execute their commands. 

There have been a number of start up parties in recent years that if run properly would have done well. Factually, these were run on total authoritarian lines and the people who supported them had to blindly do as they were told. A number of thinking people said no, left the party and were decimated at the elections because people turned against this type of attitude.Also factually, the more left wing these parties are, the more authoritarian they become. Of interest is the right wing parties are exactly the same except they are more diplomatic about it.

Please watch the video then think long and hard about it, you will see why why we believe an elected group of independents is the way to go, these people represent your interests at the grass roots level.

Many thanks

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