New World Order

We keep hearing so much about the New World Order and some people are sold on the idea. It promises universal laws and all the glossy stuff. What it doesn’t say is what these laws are, it doesn’t say who will be running it, it doesn’t say if the worlds people have a say in any elections. Its like electing a politician who doesn’t explain anything, grandiose appealing plans with no costings or semblance of any truth that will pass even the most basic of pub tests.

Its plainly obvious the United Nations and the EEU are a dismal failure – that seems to be the basis of it all. Never before have we seen so much suffering and poverty with their high ideals in the history of the planet. The view of this website is that all this must be rejected at any cost and all efforts possible to stop it be made.

new world order

If you are prepared to give a scammer a blank cheque then by all means go for it. In all honesty we at AIM cannot see a single bit of good coming out of it.

Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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