Murray Darling Fiasco

This is just one isolated place actually replicated all over Australia. Absolute and total water mismanagement by all Political parties and when problems arise, then play the blame game when things turn turtle. To be perfectly blunt, what would a Malaysian born Chinese lesbian who has no real concept of Australia going to achieve as the Minister in charge of the Murray Darling fiasco? Her only agenda. She can be whatever she wants to be however her only agenda was LGBT rights, she knew nothing of water issues and to be blunt, didn’t care about these issues at all. I refer to Penny Wong. Time for the total mismanagement to stop however we cannot see that happening anytime soon. Blame game is more fun.

Oscar W tows the Murray River Queen

Threats to walk away from the much-maligned Murray-Darling Basin Plan will be dealt with on the sidelines of the first meeting of state and territory leaders since Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s win at the May election.

Key points:

  • New South Wales wants the Commonwealth to intervene and force South Australia do more to take pressure off the river system
  • States directly involved in the plan will meet for breakfast to discuss their concerns
  • The COAG meeting will also cover recycling, domestic violence and mental health, among other topics

New South Wales has come out swinging ahead of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) event in Cairns, demanding the Commonwealth intervene and force South Australia do more to shoulder the burden of managing the river system as much of the nation deals with the ravages of drought.

Scott Morrison has convened a breakfast for the states directly involved in the plan (New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the ACT) to discuss concerns about the Murray ahead of the broader COAG meeting.

Deputy Premier and Nationals leader John Barilaro threatened to pull his New South Wales out of the agreement last weekend following a meeting of the nation’s water ministers, if the state’s calls for a review of the agreement were ignored.

“[Premier Gladys Berejiklian] supports the position that enough is enough,” he told ABC.

“We cannot, in this climate, with the severe drought, the lack of rainfall and inflows, continue to be held to ransom by South Australia, who we believe aren’t carrying their weight and doing more.

“It’s not an ultimatum, its actually just the reality — there’s just no more water, and no more water to give.”

Mr Barilaro urged the downstream state to ramp up operations at its desalination plant, taking pressure off the Murray — the source of much of Adelaide’s water supply — and said the Victorian Labor Government backed his calls for a review of the plan.

What is the Murray-Darling Basin Plan again?

What is the Murray-Darling Basin Plan again?
The Murray-Darling Basin Plan has remained controversial ever since its introduction back in 2012. So, what is it again and why is it back on the agenda?

“When there is no water, when water is flowing past your front gate, knowing it’s going to South Australia to its lower lakes, yet irrigators and communities can’t draw from that water, that is distressing and an issue for New South Wales landholders and farmers and communities,” he said.

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall said he sympathised with the plight of New South Wales.

“They’re doing it really, really tough at the moment with dry conditions right across their state and drought conditions through much of it,” he told the ABC.

“We’ve considered every single option, South Australia has been doing its bit for a long period of time in terms of water efficiency.

“We’ve been looking at the issue of the desal plant, but I don’t want to do anything that’s going to massively increase the cost of water for consumers and businesses in South Australia.”

But Mr Marshall urged his counterparts to remain committed to the agreement.

“The most critical thing for South Australia is keeping all states and the territory at the table,” Mr Marshall said.

“We’ve got a plan, we’ve signed up to that plan, we’re making progress in the implementation of that plan, and we want to see it through to 2024.

“I think we’ve just got to hold our nerve through this difficult time.”


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