Model Socialism

At AIM we only intend on speaking the truth. Model Socialism in Venezuela worked. There is no way known it can be said it was in any way a failure. Problem is it worked perfectly according to Socialist doctrine.

venezuela socialism

The above image is in fact the truth. It is a time honoured principle to go into Socialism as a social experiment is the easiest thing to do as it sounds so enticing. It runs on the simple principle of using other peoples money. AS Margaret Thatcher quite correctly pointed out – “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Then the world begging bowls go out and out comes all the pictures of the starving kids plus all the horror stories that go with it. We have all seen it, all these world charities asking for money to feed the hungry.

Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) was once the food bowl of Africa. Now they don’t even have their own currency, it is of no value, cannot be traded anywhere in the world.

The other problem with Socialism is while its easy to embrace it, it takes a civil war to get out of it. This is factual everywhere in the world. Please don’t be under any illusion you can vote your way out of it, that’s for the dreamers and idealists. This has never ever happened. The first thing that happens is “gun control” to try and stop that.

Back to Venezuela…

The Government has refused to allow ALL aid into the country. People are breaking into Zoo’s to slaughter animals just to eat. We at AIM do not really intend on shoving stuff down your throat and spoon feeding you. We suggest you research the subject and arrive at your own conclusions.





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