Military Suicides

From Sydney Daily Telegraph 2019-11-07

Military suicides, no there is nothing funny about it at all. This sort of thing drives this webmaster up the wall. Does anyone hear of SAS or Commando suicides? No? very very few actually. Why is this you wonder. These guys are real soldiers that can handle it. The rest, well in this day and age of gay, transgender etc rights we are NOT getting the right people in. Morning parade would be all about the finger nail polish and runny mascara. There was a time when people who could hack the stresses were only accepted. Now its all about peoples rights. Yes my little Johnny would look so gay in uniform. Mothers and fathers, don’t blame anyone else but yourselves for the problems, you are raising Nancy boys. PlayStation heroes. Yes the Army is full of bastardisation, stand over tactics, threats and intimidation and that’s the way it should be. These so called enquiries will be a bloody joke of the worst kind with input from the very people who created the problem.

My qualifications to make these comments? This webmaster is ex Commando and looks at the trash that is around now.

Time to get the hiring polices straightened out.

military suicides


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  1. Rick Fishbourne

    As a 25yr Navy Veteran and ex Submariner, I can tell you of many cases of DVA ineptitude and even, downright Bias against many Victims of all sorts of trauma, trauma that usually only exists in a Military environment, often, a do more with less mentality, exists at a local command, and, whilst this is a great ability to have in War time, in Peace time, it just burns through People at an fast rate. We do not need to wrap anybody in cotton wool, but nor do we need to minimize, whatever the trauma’s cause may have been, to a Service Man or Woman..

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