Keep Complaining

Oh yes, life in Australia is real hard. We have without a doubt one of the worlds greatest lifestyles, top quality food galore – we actually throw out more than we eat. Water on tap – top quality water all throughout Australia. Yes it is totally mismanaged in many places by bureaucrats that have no idea of what day of the week it is – that’s all too common a story though. At AIM we are seeing an increasing number of people who simply will not in any way contribute to this country. We accept there are some that cannot and others who have limited ability to do so. There are many who simply take take take.

This picture was obtained from social media. She walks about 10 kilometres round trip for this water. Twice a day for water for her mother and two younger sisters. The webmaster of this site has seen this first hand some years ago. it is actually quite common. A lot of water supplies are poisonous. Now complain you lot, we are tired of hearing complaints about Australia.

keep complaining

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