Wonderful Business Opportunity

Assistance dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, lo chiami. Leads collars etc for all these categories and more. Yes I know we see these business opportunities all the time on the internet, this one is real thoughfor Australians. I personally have been dealing with Mick and Jenny for a couple of years now and these people are the ONLY place where I purchase my dog supplies. It all started when I had my dog certifies as an assistance dog. The hunt was on to find the correct lead, harness and collar etc. You simply cannot buy these anywhere at all except through drop shippers out of China. There was no Australian based business selling these type items. Ask a pet store where you can get these and all you get is a blank look. Mick and Jenny were the only ones, ever since then I have been a loyal customer and they have never let me done. They are just so obliging in every respect. This would be ideally suited to someone with an existing market stall business or shop .


The product quality is exceptional. Most dog leads the clip gets rusty within 6 months and functionally useless. Two years and my lead and other things are still like new. That makes them very cost effective and not a spot of rust showing through any of the chrome work. The quality of these products is second to none, justifying the price.

My Dog Max all dressed up in Friendly Dog Collars accessories

You can contact /mick and Jenny through their website



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