The Sparrows

Cannot clear or burn off, no fire reduction protocols are possible. All because some poor sparrow might have his tree interfered with. Its not a problem anymoreall the sparrows are now possibly roasted alive in the bushfires along with tens of thousands of other native critters. All suffering a horrible death. Thank you Greens for this. Thank you Labor Party for this. Thank you Liberals for all this. All getting on the green bandwagon chasing a few pathetic votes. Whats to blame for all this? Climate change, what else. Why the Liberals? A gutless bunch of 55 turned on one of the best Prime Ministers we ever had and voted in the Communist inspired Malcolm Turnbull. Yes Tony Abbott is a valued member of the Rural Fire Service and knows his stuff. Satisfied now Australia or do you want to send more money overseas helping fight climate change.

greens again

greens left wing

Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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