National Service

The issue of compulsory National Service appears every so often so we may as well deal with it. There are pros and cons to the subject. We get a lot of PlayStation heroes who all sayI can do thatbut do you have the internal fortitude.

The Webmaster is admittedly a bit biased on the subject as I am ex Commando from days gone by. Certainly did me a lot of good.

You don’t have to be crazy to do this, only about 3% of people get through the selection course. There are heaps of other things to do and the Army provides industry recognised training for which there is no equal. It puts steal in your backbone and gives you a sense of self worth that sets you apart from the rest of people.

Who could resist doing this, its from the movieA Bridge Too Far”. In 2 days there were 6000 paratroopers dropped into Arnhem Holland. Today’s paratrooper hasn’t changed much from those days. Trust methere is no other feeling in the world like being out flying with a heap of other people. From that point on you are bullet proofyou are never the same again. Instant acceptance into theBand of Brothersfraternity, worldwide.


This is actually me a few years ago having some fun in Holland.


Do you have what it takes or forever sit aroundI can do this I can do that. Can You?

National Service
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