Hanibal Lecter

We at AIM do ask you to read this and comprehend the beauty that is in this world. There is much beauty out there it takes but a moment to see it. There are none so blind as though who will not see. It is trusted that this post will be inspirational to you as it was us. From Hamibal Lecter you ask? Read on. It really is not a race to the bottom at all

hanibal lecter

Thank goodness I think there are people who spend their valuable time giving their contributions to informing others about the truth behind what the evil forces want to multiply

We also need to be surrounded by the good and loving that also exists, as good people who want us well, feel understood and respected, get creative and share with us, experience good music like here ….and other beautiful arts, have a balance between work and leisure etc.

With all that’s wrong in the world its all too easy to focus on that.
Focus instead on what is RIGHT with the world and therein lies your answer as to why we have our belief system
Here is but one example.

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