Desperate Farmers

Yes we have many other pages on this site about Australia’s abysmal water mismanagement and yes it really is over the top We at Peter L Rogers take a very firm stand on water resource issues of this and through the power of the vote (your vote) – Party politics at every level has and will continue to fail everybody.

Farmer’s desperate plea that every Australian needs to hear


“I don’t often use this word but I believe the story we’re about to do is massive.”

This is how Alan Jones launched a special, feature interview on the water crisis facing not just regional Australia but each and every Australian.

A report from Infrastructure Australia says lessons from the millennium drought have been ignored or forgotten and warns the supply of food and water to major cities is at significant risk.

“On this unbelievably critical issue… the overriding question is, where do we start,” says Alan.

He speaks to retired third-generation irrigation farmer Ron Pike who explains exactly where we need to start and reveals the deadly consequences of John Howard’s Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Ron finished the interview with this incredibly powerful message for the people of Australia.

“The people of regional communities across the basin are on the point of absolute despair, they have no future, suicide has become a major problem across the basin.

“And I would just like to say to your listeners in the city, if ever there was a time you need to stand up and speak up on behalf of those people, it is now.

“They cannot continue under this plan and survive.”

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Alan Jones says the situation was created by John Howard and has only been made worse by subsequent governments.

And yet, they don’t even have the courtesy of recognising the situation.

“We have sent all of that information to every single parliamentarian, both federal and state,” says Ron.

“How many of them have responded and acknowledged that they’ve received your material?” asks Alan.

“We have had not one single response.”


Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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