Administrative Error?

Just how many people in the Queensland Government have access to classified top secret information? Well yes, the cleaner and the tea lady we presume We at aim do not think thiserrorwas in fact that, we believe it was purposeful to undermine National security. These politicians cannot be trusted, they do not require security clearances to have their jobs.

Queensland premier’s diary identifies ASIO agent

Queensland premier's diary identifies ASIO agent
The Queensland premier’s department has revealed the identity of a secret intelligence agent in what it says was an administrative error that won’t happen again.
The name of the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation agent was published online in a routine release of Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s diaries, Il Guardian rapporti.
Ms Palaszczuk’s office said the name has been removed and apologised for the administrative error.
In a brief statement her office said measures have been put in place to stop the security breach from happening again.
ASIO said it had no comment on the matter.
The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act makes it a crime with a penalty of up to 10 anni’ prison for the unauthorised publication of the identity of ASIO employees or affiliates.
The office of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and the Queensland Opposition have been contacted for comment.

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