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WA records three new COVID-19 cases as infections from Dubai flight climb to 20

Nothing racist here, just reported facts. The two biggest outbreaks of covid-19 were both from Islamic sources. As has been reported here the single biggest outbreak ever in Australia was from an Islamic school in Victoria The total number in that debacle is now 150. Is there something the rest of Australia is missing that points to the benefits of having these lot in the country?

A close up of Roger Cook's face with a blue curtain background, looking concerned.
WA Health Minister Roger Cook says a 43-year-old man is among the state’s latest COVID-19 cases.(ABC News: Eliza Laschon)

Western Australia’s Health Minister has questioned whether passengers on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Perth earlier this month could have contracted COVID-19 on board, after 20 travellers tested positive for the virus.

A 43-year-old Romanian man is the latest confirmed case of COVID-19 in WA, after three new cases were identified overnight.

The technical engineer had flown to Perth as part of a maritime crew swap-over and was on board flight EK420, which landed on July 1.

The man is one of 20 passengers on that flight who were infected with coronavirus, making it the highest number of cases linked to a single event since the breakout on the Al Kuwait livestock ship which docked in Fremantle in May.

Health Minister Roger Cook said the Emirates cases raised questions about whether the travellers could have been infected mid-flight.

“It does give you some cause for concern about what happened on that particular flight,” Mr Cook said.

“What I’m comforted by is the strong quarantining arrangements we have for people coming in on international flights.

A security guard wearing a facemask, glasses and gloves stands outside the Novotel on Murray Street.
The 43-year-old remains in hotel quarantine.(ABC News: James Carmody)

Mr Cook said the passengers would have been tested on day 12 of their quarantine period.

“The fact that all 20 were identified is testament to our hard border arrangements, making sure people get into hotel quarantine, and to our extensive testing regime.”

He confirmed the 43-year-old remained in hotel quarantine, with the State Government maintaining contact with him and his employer.

There were two other historical cases of COVID-19 recorded overnight — both linked to cruise ships — bringing the state’s total to 651.

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