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La página web es sobre España – Es un país avanzado y civilizado en realidad bastante. Esto puede aparecer como algo salido de un libro de fantasía, pero está pasando y puede pasar aquí. el nivel de confianza en la etnia y su capacidad para hacer su trabajo correctamente está bien documentada a lo largo de todos los medios. Even in the best of times they cannot do things correctly and cut corners. Call them out for it and suddenly it becomes racist. The good old race card again. And no, this what unfolds in this story will not only be about ethnics, it can be anyone. Lee esto, its quite sickening. What is coming is mass burial sites with quicklime poured over the bodies. Or dare I say itmass crematoriums just like Hitler used to dispose of typhus dead.

coronavirus: Spanish army finds care home residents ‘dead and abandoned

Employees of a mortuary enter the crematorium of La Almudena cemetery with a coffin of a person who died of coronavirus disease in Madrid, marzo 23, 2020
Madrid’s main funeral home says its workers lack the equipment to deal with Covid-19 victims

Spanish soldiers helping to fight the coronavirus pandemic have found elderly patients in retirement homes abandoned and, en algunos casos, dead in their beds, the defence ministry has said.

Spanish prosecutors said an investigation had been launched.

The military has been brought in to help disinfect care homes in Spain, one of Europe’s worst hit countries.

mientras tanto, an ice rink in Madrid is to be used as a temporary mortuary for Covid-19 victims, officials said.

The virus is spreading very fast in Spainthe second worst-hit European country after Italy.

El martes, the health ministry announced that the number of deaths had risen by 514 en el pasado 24 horas – a daily record.

A total of 2,696 people have now died and there are 39,637 casos confirmados.

Spanish Defence Minister Margarita Robles told the private TV channel Telecinco that the government wasgoing to be strict and inflexible when dealing with the way older people are treatedin retirement homes.

The army, during certain visits, found some older people completely abandoned, sometimes even dead in their beds,” ella dijo.

The defence ministry said that staff at some care homes had left after the coronavirus was detected.

Health officials have said that in normal circumstances the bodies of deceased residents are put in cold storage until they are collected by the funeral services.

But when the cause of death is suspected to be linked to coronavirus they are left in their beds until they can be retrieved by properly equipped funeral staff. In the capital Madrid, which has seen the highest number of cases and deaths, that could take up to 24 horas, officials said.

Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa told a news conference that retirement homes werean absolute priority for the government”.

We will exercise the most intensive monitoring of these centres,” she added.

As the crisis in Madrid worsened, the city’s municipal funeral home said it would stop the collection of Covid-19 victims from Tuesday because of a lack of protective equipment.

The city is to use a major ice rink, the Palacio de Hielo (Ice Palace), as a temporary mortuary where bodies will be stored until funeral homes can collect them, officials told Spanish media.

Police and military wearing protective suits stand as a van leaves the Palacio de Hielo shopping mall where an ice rink was turned into a temporary morgue on March 23, 2020los derechos de autor de imagenAFP
Captura de imagenThe first coffins arrived at the Palacio de Hielo in Madrid on Monday

The Palacio de Hielo complex, which also includes shops, restaurantes, a bowling alley and cinemas, is not far from the Ifema congress centre where a field hospital has been set up for coronavirus patients.

Spain is the second worst affected country in Europe after Italy, which now has the highest number of coronavirus-related deaths in the world.

Italian authorities said on Monday that 602 people with Covid-19 had died in the past 24 horas, bringing the total to 6,077.

Sin embargo, el aumento diario era el más pequeño desde el jueves, esperanza de que el aumento estrictas restricciones impuestas por el gobierno estaban empezando a tener un efecto.



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