Climate Change Protesters Absolute Stupidity

At AIM we cannot highlight enough the gross stupidity of so called climate change protesters. We state again the whole issue is bunkum brought on by the so called United Nations running under the umbrella of Communism. It is as Scott Morrison has inferred – ditch the United Nations and get this world back on track. Don’t negotiate with this type, simply cut him loose and let him fall, he wont do it again.

Police negotiate with person hanging 10 metres from Story Bridge in Brisbane

Police are on the bridge with cars backed up as a person sits under the bridge with some unidentifiable flags. PHOTO: Police blocked part of the Story Bridge as they negotiated with the person. (Supplied: Stephen Rashford)

Police are trying to negotiate with a person hanging from a harness off the underside of Brisbane’s Story Bridge as peak hour traffic builds.

Officers were called to the bridge just after 5:50am to find a person swinging from a makeshift harness about 10 metres below.

The left lane inbound on the Story Bridge was closed but has since seen reopened as officers attempt to speak with the person.

Queensland Ambulance Service medical director Dr Stephen Rashford photographed the scene, describing it as “a waste of valuable emergency services”.

“Honestly, enjoying our rights in Australia to safely protest does not give you the right to act like a moron and tie up valuable emergency services,” he said in a tweet.

“Not sure affecting good people going about their business does anything but demonstrate immaturity.”


Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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