Australian commando shares what led to his breakdown to shine light on lack of PTSD support for young veterans Purple Poppies website is here Now you know from this article why I passionately believe in the ideals of Purple Poppies. We take on the filthiest most vile actions possible,Continue Reading

OK, there is a life game changer going on now. No point in complaining about it – you may as well be doing something useful. Eating well is where most of your health comes from, as well as basic sanitation methods. Have put together a few links to some wonderfulContinue Reading

So much garbage and alarmist behaviour over the whole CV thing. Police have even stopped doing random breath tests now. The world has gone insane. Yes my local supermarket on the NSW Central Coast has shelves that are quite bare. Rice (if you can find it) is rationed, only 2Continue Reading

We do get people unsubscribe from our mailing list from time to time, everybody does. Its no biggie and we don’t need counselling over it. Just every so often though, one gets your attention. We say no more, you make of it what you want. This is the email weContinue Reading

This webmaster has an emotional support dog and knows the value of them. I have had troubles as well, the Sheriffs at Gosford Court House quite unlawfully prevented me taking my dog into Court, yet it was these lot had the trials of the benefits of emotional support dogs. MyContinue Reading


At AIM we believe strongly in this line in the sand, the preservation of human dignity and respect for our elders, their wisdom and what they have contributed to our country. More the point what they can still continue to contribute given the chance. These gracious decent people in theirContinue Reading

We know the point at which society goes down the plughole. Its when bean counters start balancing the books on living and dying. A person becomes a mathematical equation on a spreadsheet. We at AIM consider life to be a lot more than a spreadsheet equation and will rigorously pursueContinue Reading