We do get people unsubscribe from our mailing list from time to time, everybody does. Its no biggie and we don’t need counselling over it. Just every so often though, one gets your attention. We say no more, you make of it what you want. This is the email weContinue Reading

This webmaster has an emotional support dog and knows the value of them. I have had troubles as well, the Sheriffs at Gosford Court House quite unlawfully prevented me taking my dog into Court, yet it was these lot had the trials of the benefits of emotional support dogs. MyContinue Reading


At AIM we believe strongly in this line in the sand, the preservation of human dignity and respect for our elders, their wisdom and what they have contributed to our country. More the point what they can still continue to contribute given the chance. These gracious decent people in theirContinue Reading

We know the point at which society goes down the plughole. Its when bean counters start balancing the books on living and dying. A person becomes a mathematical equation on a spreadsheet. We at AIM consider life to be a lot more than a spreadsheet equation and will rigorously pursueContinue Reading

It appears that there has been an awful lot of skulduggery going on with retirees funds and siphoned off for other uses the government will not disclose. At AIM we are fully committed to finding out where the money is and exactly who stole it then bring those responsible toContinue Reading

This website is committed to the issue of companion dogs as a viable resource for helping those with emotional disorders. We are particularly concerned about out walking wounded, the Vietnam Vets, SAS and Commando’s. The latter two are the only ones used as combat soldiers these days. Its very easyContinue Reading

Our Vietnam veterans were demonised from start to finish. We are not asking anyone to agree or disagree with the involvement there at all. Everyone is entitled to their own views. These men were asked to go and do a job and they did. They are fellow Australians – ourContinue Reading

Medicare is needed by generally the people who need it most, senior citizens and the walking wounded – our vets. We are a wealthy nation, and the world is aware of the compassion of Australians, the “mate” attitude. I do not know you and may never meet you however youContinue Reading

Liberal MP Craig Kelly wants family home included in pension asset test Rarely on this website do we take a stand on anything one way or another in this instance however we will. If there is one topic we will stand firm on is the treatment of our senior citizensContinue Reading

These people are living in absolute fear of their lives and well being. This in itself is simply not acceptable. The real question is, what are the people overseeing all this doing? Nothing – thats what. Aged care advocates say fear of reprisals keeping stories hidden Prominent NT disability servicesContinue Reading