China Buys US Corn, Soybean; Trade Deal Commitments Far From Satisfied  Simply put, is no deal at all. There is never any intent on their part to honour anything at all however…. They simply thrive on changing the agreement in their favour with new terms and conditions later. That’s aContinue Reading

Welcome to Communism folks. Chinese are certainly spiteful individuals. Lets get it clear, we can feed ourselves however China cannot. These lot started all this and to the credit of our Government (as they should) tried to differentiate between a political difference of opinion and trade however the Chinese areContinue Reading

Your Garlic is Being Imported From China, Made With Bleach And Chemicals Garlic, one of the healthiest, and most popular foods on the planet. There is no denying the wonderful health benefits that garlic holds, it is a traditional remedy for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even the commonContinue Reading

Former United States President Barack Obama is clearly a nutter and one fool that should never have been in public office. The only thing Obama is suited for is collecting supermarket trolleys.  Here he is telling Australians what caused the bushfires and has copped one of the most serious rebukesContinue Reading

Make no mistake about it, Australia is going to lose many of it’s native animals, birds etc. And the idiots are still preaching climate change. Meanwhile the Greens Party are no doubt still concerned about back burning where one sparrow will lose a tree to perch in. That problem solved,Continue Reading

Lets get one thing absolutely clear. People can finger point as much as they want however it is you the voter that has allowed these bushfires to happen. Yes you – don’t like the truth from us? Then keep voting the way you always have been, go into denial andContinue Reading

Facebook needs to be shut down. The sheer number of reports we are receiving showing their communist leanings is incredible. These farmers and rural people have done nothing wrong yet got their self help page shut down. Why – what did they do wrong? We stand beside these rural peopleContinue Reading

Cannot clear or burn off, no fire reduction protocols are possible. All because some poor sparrow might have his tree interfered with. Its not a problem anymore – all the sparrows are now possibly roasted alive in the bushfires along with tens of thousands of other native critters. All sufferingContinue Reading

The drought is having a clearly devastating effect on bees, that upsets the entire ecology cycle Honey shortages predicted as beekeepers face worst conditions on record due to bushfires, drought Beekeepers are facing a tough season, with bushfires and droughts taking their toll. (ABC Rural: Melanie Groves) Australia is facingContinue Reading