This is the second web page that has been done featuring that obnoxious Kristina Keneally. While the incident is very tragic we offer no comment on the issues in the case. Neither should Kristina Keneally who sets herself up as the moral guardian of Australia’s values. Bettina Arndt is asContinue Reading

When Kristina Keneally was NSW Premier she single handedly lost an election. I recall quite vividly her stating in 2010″we will have no new infrastructure in NSW for the next 20 years. At the same time population projections was that Australia’s population would double by 2050. Now lets do someContinue Reading

We do get people unsubscribe from our mailing list from time to time, everybody does. Its no biggie and we don’t need counselling over it. Just every so often though, one gets your attention. We say no more, you make of it what you want. This is the email weContinue Reading

The one thing you can be sure of the true coronavirus figures are not revealed by the Chinese – face saving. The truth is there though, the figures here were from early February. China is, for all purposes now isolated except from Australia, where for Prime Minister Scott Morrison andContinue Reading

A school gets money for a swimming pool they don’t want and have no room for. Queensland again. Really you have to ask, how incredibly stupid are these current politicians. Its as bad as Gillard’s school funding debacle where schools ended up with 2 halls and 2 libraries, whether theyContinue Reading

The wheels are falling off Agenda 21 – the United Nations has admitted to that as a fact quite clearly. Their agenda was an unelected one world Government so that elections in our own countries are meaningless in total. They forgot about the will of the people and what theyContinue Reading

So, you think by carefully analysing each party and their platforms you will come up with the right choice and the least dishonest people do you? So much for party politics. A lot think Tony Abbott could do no wrong. How wrong is that presumption. Think again, they all haveContinue Reading

Australian Political leaders have a long history of being on somebody else’s payroll and doing their bidding. Its happening right under our noses, no secret is made of it. Fact is nobody researches anything at all. Its the same every election, people cote without knowing anything. Does anybody seriously thinkContinue Reading