Chinese embassy says upgraded travel warning for Australians in China ‘completely ridiculous’ Actually they are right. It isn’t any of our business and if we in any way interfere we have no right to complain about them interfering in our affairs. The Chinese embassy has condemned Australia’s decision to extendContinue Reading

Hong Kong residents could be offered safe haven in Australia amid security law crackdown, PM Scott Morrison says Has not Scott Morrison learnt anything? Chinese are the very last type we need. For the most part they do not integrate, they treat us like dirt, involved in more corrupt conductContinue Reading

Is the famous Australian Made kangaroo logo really changing? Some things you simply cannot believe. Who in hell put the lunatics in charge of the asylum? Malcolm Turnbull says it all. Ten million dollars for a picture of a virus? Time to start hanging these fools, if you wonder whyContinue Reading

Trust in China has plummeted in recent years, poll of Australians says And at the very same time trust in politicians went through the roof – not. This web page is loaded to the hilt with typical ABC bis. No wonder they have had their funding heavily slashed. Just 22Continue Reading

We will go to war against China eventually. Scott Morrison is out of control. China needs us, we do not need them. Japan, India and Taiwan are ready to go to war with china with a war the Chinese picked. Yet dummy Scomo is letting them ride rough shod overContinue Reading

That is all this BLM stuff is all about – a distraction from the real things. The paedophiles and satanic cults including child sacrifice and there are some big names in this. Lots have lots to worry about. Yes they are prepared to destroy the world to cover up andContinue Reading

ASIO briefing warns that the far-right is exploiting coronavirus to recruit new members Fascinating article here from the very far left ABC. Suddenly every Australian Citizen is who cares for the Sovereignty and welfare of this great country is now an extremist. Nobody connected with this website can be consideredContinue Reading

Campaign grows against statue of first Australian PM Edmund Barton at Aboriginal burial site in NSW The USA is on fire with radicals wanting to rewrite the history books. The very same people advocate peaceful co-existence but only on their terms. People in the USA have had enough and theContinue Reading