We are very well aware of overseas money laundering and take a wild guess who are the worst offenders. It is rather ironic this article makes the statement that the Government should do more about this problem. Wonder why it isn’t happening? Meanwhile Joe worker gets screwed mercilessly Australia aContinue Reading

you watch both videos and you decide. Both from the 60 minutes show. The two videos have totally opposite viewpoints. It is the decision of AIM we have to stop immigration totally and let infrastructure catch up until 2050. We keep talking about no water, factually there really hasn’t beenContinue Reading

This is one of the most grubby underhanded badly thought out without regard for citizens and voters. All parties except Liberals want to introduce it by the very real money launderers, that being the big banks and accounting firms. They want to screw everyone except themselves very badly, We atContinue Reading

Proctor & Gamble are the Gillette razor people and ran some advertising that really attacked men, decent hard working men. The kind of good family men that work hard act responsibly to build a life for their family and themselves. The concept of Proctor and Gamble was that the newContinue Reading

This website will not get involved with discussion on the pros and cons of Bitcoin. Suffice to say there is a lot of conflicting information about it all and we caution people to properly research the subject. ‘US$ is the only real currency!’ Trump demands banking regulation of bitcoin, Facebook’sContinue Reading