Big gold fraud busted in China! Gold market spooked by massive counterfeiting scandal Ho hum. China is full of nothing but lies, scams, rorts and blatant dishonesty, That is all they know how to do things, call them out for it and oh dont they pull out the victim card.Continue Reading

My mate Blind Freddy can see this a mile off. And yes the Governments are to blame for their stupidity. Renters really have deferrals, not reductions. Owners are not charities, they have bills to pay. The real economic collapse is yet to be felt. And yes the media is asContinue Reading

Thirty percent house price plunge if we cop another corona virus – its planned I have heard on the grapevine. This is your Government working for you after shutting down the country without just cause. The death rate (all causes is no different this year compared to the last 3.Continue Reading

Sadly. its an everywhere story but let’s focus on Queensland. About a ninety billion dollar deficit. How in hell did that happen? Why? Where is the outcomes of it all? Don’t care who wins the election? Then blame yourself for all this. Its time you did care people and quiteContinue Reading

If the video here doesn’t make you sick to the stomach then nothing will. Think we are being racist do you? Sorry, that lame duck excuse is out the window now so get over it. “The Darkness” is only days away now. The darkness is absolute and total lock downContinue Reading

Yes we will call it – on or about March 23rd 2020 to be precise. There is actually no avoiding it, thank you China, thank you gutless politicians on the UN payroll, thank you United Nations. Thank you Liberals, thank you Labor, thank you Greens, thank you One Nation. ThankContinue Reading