This man is a highly respected Australian Army Commando, same as the webmaster of this website. This man has his act together on Australian constitutional law, while it does drag on a bit there is a lot in it and well worth following it all the way through. One bigContinue Reading

Nothing is going to change until politicians who are getting their pockets lined by China are dealt with. Try and deal with China and the very first thing they scream is racist. As a matter of fact they need our raw materials more than we ever will need them. DamnedContinue Reading

From Sydney Daily Telegraph 2019-11-07 Military suicides, no there is nothing funny about it at all. This sort of thing drives this webmaster up the wall. Does anyone hear of SAS or Commando suicides? No? very very few actually. Why is this you wonder. These guys are real soldiers thatContinue Reading

This webmaster was a special forces soldier. There is an element in our society that is forever trying to discredit these men for reasons unknown. There is no doubt it is Communist backed or as you know it, the left faction. Its been going on forever, during the Vietnam warContinue Reading

The issue of compulsory National Service appears every so often so we may as well deal with it. There are pros and cons to the subject. We get a lot of PlayStation heroes who all say “I can do that” but do you have the internal fortitude. The Webmaster isContinue Reading

No, we are not talking about whacky weed or medicinal cannabis here at all. Its hemp, been around forever and until recent times quite lawful to grow and use. One of its original uses was rope. Made the best rope of all actually. The ancient mariners used it to caulkContinue Reading