Witnesses say Australian SAS soldiers were involved in mass shooting of unarmed Afghan civilians The ABC are filled with hate against the elite soldiers. Why I have no idea, they just are that’s all. Perhaps it is time the ABC was properly investigated for their blatantly Marxist ideologies they clearlyContinue Reading

China and the United States are on a collision course, and Australia is preparing for the fallout I have been saying this was inevitable for 40 years. But oh no, dont listen to me, just pay attention to the elected idiots and business people who are getting their pockets linedContinue Reading

Australian commando shares what led to his breakdown to shine light on lack of PTSD support for young veterans Purple Poppies website is here https://www.purplepoppies.com.au/ Now you know from this article why I passionately believe in the ideals of Purple Poppies. We take on the filthiest most vile actions possible,Continue Reading

We will go to war against China eventually. Scott Morrison is out of control. China needs us, we do not need them. Japan, India and Taiwan are ready to go to war with china with a war the Chinese picked. Yet dummy Scomo is letting them ride rough shod overContinue Reading

Ben Roberts-Smith accused of complicity in two more Afghan detainee killings, court hears Ben Roberts-Smith is well deserved Victoria Cross recipient and at the time a member of the elite Australian SAS regiment. As an ex Commando take it from me the enemy is never executed where evidence exists. WeContinue Reading

The Department of Defence warned last year that a Pandemic attack would emerge from Asia. Three months of lockdown and we go under.  Most of the cyber attacks on this website originate in either China, Ukraine or Russia. That is a fact from the logs and security protocols in placeContinue Reading

National security, what  National security? The heading putting it nicely about our politicians, police, senior civil servants, Judges the lot.  Busy lining their own pockets instead of looking after the country. Factually its only the military who have the sense and capability to do this. Come next election those thatContinue Reading

For many years Australia lost its way., that has been very clear and quite disheartening for many  The sense of purpose, mateship lost, and everywhere you went people were screaming out for the good old days. These days are back far stronger and more powerful than before. In spite ofContinue Reading

ANZAC day rolls around every year on April 25th. It is Australia’s day of remembrance for all our men women and animals who died in all our wars. At dawn on April 25th 2015 a contingent of Australian and New Zealand soldiers stormed the beach at Gallipoli in Turkey. ThatContinue Reading

This man is a highly respected Australian Army Commando, same as the webmaster of this website. This man has his act together on Australian constitutional law, while it does drag on a bit there is a lot in it and well worth following it all the way through. One bigContinue Reading