The Lima Declaration has been around for a while now, most have heard of it but know nothing about it. Its been sold as the answer to all our problems and unite the people of the world. It is in fact nothing more than a badly disguised communist take over.Continue Reading

When I came back to Australia in the mid ’80’s after working in China and expounded my views on China I was trashed for a number of reasons. They are selfish spoilt brat kids and dont give a hoot about anyone else, even each other. They are the very firstContinue Reading

If the video here doesn’t make you sick to the stomach then nothing will. Think we are being racist do you? Sorry, that lame duck excuse is out the window now so get over it. “The Darkness” is only days away now. The darkness is absolute and total lock downContinue Reading

A conspiracy theory so fantastic in sheer scale its incredible that anyone could actually dream this up. We have heard of conspiracy theories before, the most famous being 9/11 twin (no wait – 3) towers but this one is the Grand Daddy of all. What does it take to getContinue Reading

This is unprecedented in our history. Toilet paper, clearly a thing they got from social media. As one person put it, wait until there are real shortages. It has to be said, look at who is responsible for this fight, the very same ones we are asked to understand theirContinue Reading

We at AIM deplore anything radical in any form. It serves no purpose and only puts adherents in the lunatic fringes category. They can hardly be blamed for forming, the radical left and a failure on the conservatives to deal with it has given people very little option as weContinue Reading

Ordinarily this would not rate a web page except for one thing. The victim card, oh yes if all else fails pull that one out. A beheading huh? Look for the Islamic, that’s their favoured way of killing people. Gets rid of 98% of people as suspects. Sorry pal, theContinue Reading

The one thing you can be sure of the true coronavirus figures are not revealed by the Chinese – face saving. The truth is there though, the figures here were from early February. China is, for all purposes now isolated except from Australia, where for Prime Minister Scott Morrison andContinue Reading

This is being organised by the Extinction Revolution Kids. Greta the dumb Swede has already left her mark. Now these lot of kids in Melbourne are causing trouble. Too dumb and stupid and so indoctrinated at school and I feel we are going to have a huge overhaul of theContinue Reading