The new ASIO legislation will certainly slow down ANTIFA & BLM behaviour. Think we have all seen enough of that to understand they have to be dealt with. In the video the man says on any peaceful protest there will always be somebody from the other side creating trouble whereContinue Reading

Mostly filled with immigrants undesirables and generally people who do not have the faintest notion of personal hygiene nor social behaviour. The only thing dopey Dan can do is stand up and say that all other states should take some of their fair share of refugees. If you want toContinue Reading

Military-grade guns seized as police make drug-related arrests across NSW, Victoria and Queensland There is more than enough weapons (military grade) out there to conduct a civil war. That is a fact. The fools that run this country fail to realize it is just a matter of time. Police areContinue Reading

Please do NOT confuse this post with the legitimacy of the deaths in custody issue. The whole Black Lives Matter radicalism started with the Black Panther movement. This started about the mid 60’s and followed the idealism of Islam. Please do not be under any illusion about that, It isContinue Reading

Elite NSW counter-terror police under investigation over mock acknowledgement of country at Christmas party Read the headline again, it says elite. There is nothing elite at all about this mob as they are nothing more than your basic thugs and hoons. Uneducated, narcissistic and anything else you want to describeContinue Reading

All these black lives matter riots. If you believe all the apolitical dribble these activists tell you they are on a mission from God. Seattle has been taken over in parts by ANTIFA and so are a lot of other areas. They want Police defunded and some sort of citizensContinue Reading

ASIO briefing warns that the far-right is exploiting coronavirus to recruit new members Fascinating article here from the very far left ABC. Suddenly every Australian Citizen is who cares for the Sovereignty and welfare of this great country is now an extremist. Nobody connected with this website can be consideredContinue Reading

Campaign grows against statue of first Australian PM Edmund Barton at Aboriginal burial site in NSW The USA is on fire with radicals wanting to rewrite the history books. The very same people advocate peaceful co-existence but only on their terms. People in the USA have had enough and theContinue Reading

Watch the video, it explains what ANTIFA is very well. It is one of the most evil organisations let loose on the streets of any decent western country. Australian Independents Movement does not and never will support it. Its existence has only been allowed by the spineless so called leadersContinue Reading