Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink. This is plain sickening, all this water wasted. All they can think of is a damned railway line. Water is far more essential. The Philippino’s built a massive viaduct from Manilla to Dau in Pampanga, it can br done here. WhatContinue Reading

This Paradise Dam fiasco really has gotten the good people of Bundaberg all fired up – justifiably. It was built on the cheap by a Labor Government and not the price is being paid for that inane decision. Annastacia Palaszczuk doesn’t want to repair it, just reduce water capacity toContinue Reading

We called it about the Queensland State Government. You like this sort of thing then keep voting for them. Paradise Dam legislation has been rushed through depriving people of much needed water. Read on, we didnt make this up. https://peterlrogers.com/queensland-you-cannot-make-this-up/ Paradise Dam amendments rushed through Queensland Parliament sparking outrage PHOTO: TheContinue Reading

At a provable time when water is needed the left wing Queensland Government is actually downsizing a dam. No, you cannot make this stuff up at all. The Dam built by the Peter Beatty (Labor) Government was built on the cheap and now there is a price to pay forContinue Reading

Canungra in Queensland had its water supply simply shut off. How many posts do we have to make here to prove beyond doubt we have the biggest collection of inept politicians in the world. Water, such a simple issue, but no, sending heaps of money to the United Nations toContinue Reading

Yep, no water – again. All because these stupid politicians would rather give the money away to God knows where to fight climate change and other acts of crass stupidity including renewable energy sources and the list goes on. This is Australia wide now when all it took was aContinue Reading

Pauline Hanson (One Nation) and Bob Katter never had an original thought between them. Pauline Hanson is a born thief of ideas. She has come up with this brainwave to implement the Bradfield Scheme as a means of dealing with the drought conditions. That has only been around since aboutContinue Reading