This is the Queen Elizabeth 2, flagship of the cruise industry. A cruise around Australia for $100 a day. I have not seen prices like this for 25 years with any cruise company. So how are the other cruise companies going and airlines etc. Yep hoteliers, tour operators everyone. ThankContinue Reading

Nothing is going to change until politicians who are getting their pockets lined by China are dealt with. Try and deal with China and the very first thing they scream is racist. As a matter of fact they need our raw materials more than we ever will need them. DamnedContinue Reading

Lets hold enquiries why regional businesses fail shall we? They don’t, they are made to fail. Corporate bean counters who decide that an extra 2% profit can be made by getting out the razors. In this case it was a highly viable company making plenty of money, providing lots ofContinue Reading

australian lobsters

At AIM we encourage as much industry as possible to far North Queensland. The decision by Tassal to start operations there is very welcome news by us and we are aware this is simply the tip of the iceberg as far as the abundance of opportunities go. All Queensland GovernmentsContinue Reading

Hemp as most are aware is one of the worlds most versatile plants. There is no reason at all why we cannot grow it here and create whole new self sustaining world class industries. Build an aircraft from hemp? Certainly, car bodies, agricultural machinery, you name it. Australia with itsContinue Reading