The first Qantas A380 flies to US plane graveyard You cannot make this up. The glory days of jetting and cruising are gone and never to return. World trips are a yesterday thing. Even going state to state is now finished as every time you cross a state border youContinue Reading

Trump signs order prioritizing job skills over college degree in government hiring Yep, Trump is a loose cannon and thank God for that. Human resources people really don’t know what they are doing at all. They think somebody with “training” is suddenly the best person for the job. Take customerContinue Reading

Assistance dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, you name it. Leads collars etc for all these categories and more.  Yes I know we see these business opportunities all the time on the internet, this one is real though – for Australians. I personally have been dealing with Mick and Jenny forContinue Reading

The Chinese will get upset at this but who really cares. The meme says it all, if the same light bulb was made in China it would have only lasted two days. Pays to manufacture and buy your own home grown. products. Globalist economics (and your own purchasing stupidity) dictatesContinue Reading

Please share this around First off, you simply cannot catch the corona virus, its impossible. The video shows why, and why you have been fed massive lies. Furthermore the Government knows this. All Governments know this as a fact. The video shows what a virus really is and the GovernmentContinue Reading

And its the best news possible we can get. We have screamed from the rooftops about open borders and globalisation and it’s detrimental effects. The politicians and the United Nations have been selling us out and destroying Australia for years and now the corner has been turned. What we asContinue Reading