SES canine search team finds success as kelpie-training recruits named cadets of the year The world is not full of doom and gloom, every so often along comes something that truly inspiring. No, not all young people are idiots, there are some very lovely ones out there. Dogs have anContinue Reading

Do it for Charlie The music can die twice I guess. Charlie Daniels was a man who preached the right virtues in life and lived them himself. Decency, civility, courtesy – all the traits that make us decent human beings. A very proud and loyal American, to the bone onContinue Reading

The true history of the slave trade is very different to the common narrative. Simply put, these lot that think they are hard done by is total garbage. Problem is, they find it a convenient narrative to cause all sorts of trouble and blame everyone else for their own patheticContinue Reading

Bizarre Facebook survey asks users if they condone paedophilia Yep, that’s the headline. Facebook community standards that actually support paedophilia. Now how many have you been booted because you didn’t follow their community standards. In other words you have real community standards. Any wonder the world is going down theContinue Reading

That is all this BLM stuff is all about – a distraction from the real things. The paedophiles and satanic cults including child sacrifice and there are some big names in this. Lots have lots to worry about. Yes they are prepared to destroy the world to cover up andContinue Reading

Our fur baby’s are in trouble – one of the silent victims of this insane act of stupidity of this nonsensical unnecessary political power play by some of the worlds most inept politicians. Time to put these bloody politicians and their stupid civil service in their place. Funny, I justContinue Reading

Spread this far and wide throughout Terra Australis  Let it be known that the hashtag #australiaworkstogether origins are with the Australian Independents Movement. Mr Peter Rogers suggested it and I thought it was a great idea. We ask that all citizens of Australia start using this and turn it intoContinue Reading

Better share this one around Seriously Australia, and indeed the whole world, wake up to the United Nations and the One World Order. We get loans from our money we give them to deal with the coronavirus issue. This is exactly what Julia Gillard did and our economy has neverContinue Reading

My my, people are finally growing up.  Researching stuff? Disciplining the kids? Budgeting? Proper home cooked meals? Fresh produce? Judicious buying? No more made in China rubbish. Open/closed borders? Making your own fun? Took a cold virus to do it. Maybe things are not so bad after all. This coronaContinue Reading