Better share this one around Seriously Australia, and indeed the whole world, wake up to the United Nations and the One World Order. We get loans from our money we give them to deal with the coronavirus issue. This is exactly what Julia Gillard did and our economy has neverContinue Reading

My my, people are finally growing up.  Researching stuff? Disciplining the kids? Budgeting? Proper home cooked meals? Fresh produce? Judicious buying? No more made in China rubbish. Open/closed borders? Making your own fun? Took a cold virus to do it. Maybe things are not so bad after all. This coronaContinue Reading

Be realistic – the whole open border issue is now dead. We can thank the sheer stupidity of the left inspired United Nations and the New World Order agenda for this worldwide unmitigated disaster of biblical proportions we are seeing unfolding. This article refers to the Italian experience however theContinue Reading

OK, there is a life game changer going on now. No point in complaining about it – you may as well be doing something useful. Eating well is where most of your health comes from, as well as basic sanitation methods. Have put together a few links to some wonderfulContinue Reading

These lot come into our country and all the do gooders proudly proclaim they are Australian. Lets get one thing very clear, they do not have any idea of western values whatsoever and never will. What does Scott Morrison do? Sends a plane over to pick them up. This isContinue Reading

Wanting your pet dog put down out of fear of it passing on the Corona Virus. That is hitting rock bottom. There are some people who don’t deserve to be alive for this kind of thinking. This report here is from one Vet, how many others have similar stories? WhileContinue Reading

The most iconic poem ever written about Australia – ever. Originally called “Core Of My Heart” but that name didn’t stick. Dorothea MacKellar wrote the poem after living back in England and became homesick for her beloved Australia. As the poem quite rightfully states, unless you understand Australia you willContinue Reading

Something has to change, too many filling their own pockets and hiding under the umbrella of charity or religion, in most cases both.They are not charities or religious groups, they are businesses. The Salvation Army is one of the worst. We advise to select where your money goes very carefully.Continue Reading

It must be said that animals have feelings as well. Animals have emotional and physical feelings equal to ours. They are one of god’s creatures that are deserving of total protection. It is our position that anyone who abuses or mistreats animals in any way will be subject to theContinue Reading

Cannot clear or burn off, no fire reduction protocols are possible. All because some poor sparrow might have his tree interfered with. Its not a problem anymore – all the sparrows are now possibly roasted alive in the bushfires along with tens of thousands of other native critters. All sufferingContinue Reading