This web page needs to go around the world – seriously No, we did not believe Australian politicians could be so stupid but they are. Yes they really are to the point of disbelief. Negotiate? Why? Simply nationalise them with no compensation paid – affirmative hard nosed action is requiredContinue Reading

Better share this one around Seriously Australia, and indeed the whole world, wake up to the United Nations and the One World Order. We get loans from our money we give them to deal with the coronavirus issue. This is exactly what Julia Gillard did and our economy has neverContinue Reading

What took them so long? It had to happen, the United Nations putting their hands in your pocket just like they do with everything else. Remember the Australian Government sending billions of dollars to the same lot who want to fight climate change? This is the one world government forContinue Reading

My my, people are finally growing up.  Researching stuff? Disciplining the kids? Budgeting? Proper home cooked meals? Fresh produce? Judicious buying? No more made in China rubbish. Open/closed borders? Making your own fun? Took a cold virus to do it. Maybe things are not so bad after all. This coronaContinue Reading

Its nice to see these Border Protection people looking after us. Except when it comes to cruise ships and other things. The latest is intercepting below standard medical equipment from China. Now lets face it, that has got to be the news of the day. There is only one realContinue Reading

The fools in our community think these companies operating here are independent. Wrong – they are all under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. Every single Chinese in Australia actually is, Beijing says jump and on the way up they ask how high. In this case no independent businessContinue Reading

Record number of deaths in a single day in Italy. This bug is deadly and the Chinese are totally behind it. We have information in other web pages as to why Italy has copped it so bad – they let the Chinese in and run rampant. Same as Australia isContinue Reading

You have been repeatedly warned and it was always plainly obvious. Yes this is West Australia at the moment however it will be Australia wide very soon thanks to the ineptness of our politicians and senior civil servants. End of – be prepared and best of luck. There is thisContinue Reading

I wont apologise for the amount of Information being sent out, its crucial you get it Made in China, the brand the the Lima declaration wants us to embrace. On any social media site you will find masses of complaints about the very low to non existent quality of ChineseContinue Reading

The web page is about Spain – its actually quite an advanced and civilised country. This may appear like something out of a fantasy book but it is happening and can happen here. the level of confidence in ethnics and their ability to do their jobs properly is well documentedContinue Reading