In short –  covid has been the greatest political mismanagement saga in our history. The simple fact is that this covid cannot be contained and never will be. Simply let it run its course than the pretence of “doing something” and screwing up the entire country. Scott Morrison telling usContinue Reading

WA records three new COVID-19 cases as infections from Dubai flight climb to 20 Nothing racist here, just reported facts. The two biggest outbreaks of covid-19 were both from Islamic sources. As has been reported here the single biggest outbreak ever in Australia was from an Islamic school in VictoriaContinue Reading

Al-Taqwa coronavirus outbreak raises questions about schools’ safety during pandemic Any other school, 1 case of covid 19 and it gets shut down. 150  cases in the Islamic school and people unsure if it should reopen. Just why are these lot free to spread this disease with impunity and godContinue Reading

Coronavirus cluster at Melbourne’s Al-Taqwa College grows to 113, but how it started remains a mystery It is the largest outbreak in Australia ever. The politically correct have nowhere to hide now. An Islamic school went ballistic with covid-19 cases. No mystery to anybody else, Islamic’s are simply put, veryContinue Reading

It is the most massive lie ever told on a global scale and the stupid part is most people have fallen for it. Watch this video all the way through it explains everything and is the truth. Most don’t really know what herd immunity really is. Think masks are usefulContinue Reading

WHO says ‘evidence emerging’ of coronavirus spreading through the air Its actually beyond a joke. To not believe this bug is spread in air is the hallmark of an imbecile. These fools and idiots who put themselves forward as experts need lynching – seriously. But wait, it gets better. NowContinue Reading

Mostly filled with immigrants undesirables and generally people who do not have the faintest notion of personal hygiene nor social behaviour. The only thing dopey Dan can do is stand up and say that all other states should take some of their fair share of refugees. If you want toContinue Reading

“No One Has Died from the Coronavirus” There has not been one covid-19 death? With all the media and Government hype it all sounds just too incredible to be taken seriously. We all have in our lifetime (unless you were born yesterday) seen enough that what were considered conspiracy theoriesContinue Reading

In life you make decisions. Being a type 2 diabetic this affected my teeth big time. I ended up having all my uppers removed and a full upper denture plate. What a disaster that was. A mouth full of plastic and really could not chew much at all. After aContinue Reading

Here we are in the middle of full scale civil wars around the world and all Scott Morrison can think about is safe distancing. You really cannot get your head around this one at all. Here we have a negro killed by a white cop and the world is erupting.Continue Reading