If this doesn’t teach you about humanities then there is no hope for you at all. This is a short clip about puppies in real danger and the mum doing her best to save them. It’s distressing to watch but a great outcome. One thing this website will never tolerateContinue Reading

It must be said that The people of the world have certainly opened up their hearts and wallets to help those people affected here. This website thanks everyone for the magnanimous assistance. Of particular note who is not helping, Islamic countries and China. We don’t feel the need to goContinue Reading

It must be said that animals have feelings as well. Animals have emotional and physical feelings equal to ours. They are one of god’s creatures that are deserving of total protection. It is our position that anyone who abuses or mistreats animals in any way will be subject to theContinue Reading

It almost brings tears to my eyes as to really how wonderful and caring the real Australian truly is. No, they will never get the Australian of the year award, that will go to somebody more deserving like a goofy footed lesbian surfer that came out of the closet. CooberrieContinue Reading

This sorts out the real Australians from the rest and clearly defines who we are, some of us anyway. Possibly one of the most iconic photo’s that touched a nations conscience was a few years ago. Its all about mate helping mates. Where wild animal and man can live inContinue Reading

Every so often you find a gem. Not often as good news is very under reported. Natural disasters like bush fires are certainly very tragic and often on social media people comment on the damage inflicted on animals. These people have really come up with something that helps a little.Continue Reading

Please repost this everywhere in Australia, not only the farmers that need our help the animals do as well. Even if you can host the dogs until times get better would be a great help. Time for the city people to really dig in and help our rural fellow Australians.Continue Reading

We at AIM do ask you to read this and comprehend the beauty that is in this world. There is much beauty out there it takes but a moment to see it. There are none so blind as though who will not see. It is trusted that this post willContinue Reading

samuel dale johnson

Samuel Dale Johnson from Queensland has taken the world by storm and it appears rightfully so. We at AIM are very aware that we do have amazing talent in this country, world class in fact. Anyone who has gone to live theatre will know this. We at AIM know thatContinue Reading

We at Peter L Rogers believe in the simple things of life. While this is American news we don’t seem to hear enough about the good things people do.This kind of story is the very best kind of public relations possible, actions speak louder than words and the reader canContinue Reading