According to this article right wing websites are receiving massive hits now while left wing (liberal) websites are going down the plughole very quickly. We cannot verify these facts but comes as no surprise as people really have had enough of all the lies. The abrupt take down of RedContinue Reading

This shows the very low mentality of the Public Service, no surprise to me Queensland is in the very bad way they are. Politicians there are as bad as they get. The public service has quite collectively the brain power of a garbage can. What sort of intelligence even considersContinue Reading

There was a time when life was simpler and fun. No hidden messages, no political agenda, nothing. Just laughter and fun. We all know where that went to, the loony left decided they would get involved and make paedophilia acceptable by incorporating it into kids cartoons. Transsexuals in the classroomsContinue Reading

While this corona virus is serious enough at many levels and has affected pretty much everybody in one way shape or form We have this feeling the world will be a far better place when its all blown over. Some home truths are appearing and for many causing problems inContinue Reading

And its the best news possible we can get. We have screamed from the rooftops about open borders and globalisation and it’s detrimental effects. The politicians and the United Nations have been selling us out and destroying Australia for years and now the corner has been turned. What we asContinue Reading

OK, there is a life game changer going on now. No point in complaining about it – you may as well be doing something useful. Eating well is where most of your health comes from, as well as basic sanitation methods. Have put together a few links to some wonderfulContinue Reading

What makes an Aussie? This might help explain it heaps. And some of these ethnics who somehow call themselves Australian are in for a rude shock. We saw it during the bushfires and that is still ongoing. We are now seeing it during another serious national emergency – the CoronaContinue Reading

While there is a fair bit of flack delivered to ethnics (much justified) there are groups who are very civilised and act decently. Many of them we so called Australians can learn from. This story is about a man from India. This webmaster is well disposed towards Indians so thatContinue Reading

If this doesn’t teach you about humanities then there is no hope for you at all. This is a short clip about puppies in real danger and the mum doing her best to save them. It’s distressing to watch but a great outcome. One thing this website will never tolerateContinue Reading