The really good news is China’s days are numbered. They may as well put up the bamboo curtain again. At no time ever in the future will anyone believe anything they have to say or listen to their protestations of innocence ever again. All they know how what to doContinue Reading

The fools in our community think these companies operating here are independent. Wrong – they are all under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. Every single Chinese in Australia actually is, Beijing says jump and on the way up they ask how high. In this case no independent businessContinue Reading

These Chinese lot will never be civilised ever. The garbage they eat is beyond belief. Yes on this website we have given the Chinese a working over big time and now you know why. Ever wonder why COVID19 or coronavirus got a foothold? Here is the reason, and yes weContinue Reading

This piece of graffiti is in a bus shelter outside Forest Way shopping centre in Forestville Sydney Australia. It has been there about 3 weeks and is in the electorate of former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. What is unusual is that in that area they are very civic mindedContinue Reading

You have been repeatedly warned and it was always plainly obvious. Yes this is West Australia at the moment however it will be Australia wide very soon thanks to the ineptness of our politicians and senior civil servants. End of – be prepared and best of luck. There is thisContinue Reading

There is always a beginning to everything. This article explains it all quite well. China is solely responsible for all that has happened which is calamitous to a degree without precedent and ought be forced to make reparations. Or reparations simply be taken from them. Its time these lot grewContinue Reading

This well outside what we normally post on this website but hopefully it will make you think a bit. The video is brilliantly put together and revolves around the issue of truth. Please watch it, you may never see things the same way again.

Be realistic – the whole open border issue is now dead. We can thank the sheer stupidity of the left inspired United Nations and the New World Order agenda for this worldwide unmitigated disaster of biblical proportions we are seeing unfolding. This article refers to the Italian experience however theContinue Reading

We have installed a state of the art discussion forum on the website. The main idea of this is to hear from you, that’s what we are all about. Very little value in posting on social media about you woes and what you would like done about it, it getsContinue Reading