Do it for Charlie The music can die twice I guess. Charlie Daniels was a man who preached the right virtues in life and lived them himself. Decency, civility, courtesy – all the traits that make us decent human beings. A very proud and loyal American, to the bone onContinue Reading

Expert warns China’s Three Gorges Dam in danger of collapse Seriously, you think they would get something right. Three gorges dam in danger of collapsing. Made in China has taken on a whole new meaning, they try and bully everyone, so self entitled they are. Next they will be screamingContinue Reading

According to this article right wing websites are receiving massive hits now while left wing (liberal) websites are going down the plughole very quickly. We cannot verify these facts but comes as no surprise as people really have had enough of all the lies. The abrupt take down of RedContinue Reading

More Black Lives Matter rallies are planned, but do Australians have a legal right to protest? Our position is very clear, the issue of deaths in custody is real. We as a group have no issue with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, many are very fine people. At the sameContinue Reading

ASIO briefing warns that the far-right is exploiting coronavirus to recruit new members Fascinating article here from the very far left ABC. Suddenly every Australian Citizen is who cares for the Sovereignty and welfare of this great country is now an extremist. Nobody connected with this website can be consideredContinue Reading

Campaign grows against statue of first Australian PM Edmund Barton at Aboriginal burial site in NSW The USA is on fire with radicals wanting to rewrite the history books. The very same people advocate peaceful co-existence but only on their terms. People in the USA have had enough and theContinue Reading

They tell us the app is good for easy tracing of covid19 contact. Thats what they tell us anyway. Its basically a Singapore idea where there has been a 20% acceptance in a normally conservative and compliant population. Scomo says it will take a 40% uptake to be effective. TheContinue Reading

We are aware that Chinese and Africans are amongst the most racist in the world. Here we have a case of – to coin a phrase – the pot calling the kettle black. The Chinese are one of the very first to pull out the race/victim card on Australia ifContinue Reading

Time to bring our boy home – he has done enough None other than Julian Assange. An Australian boy from Townsville Queensland, journalist and computer whizz kid. Yes you can give Donald Trump all the congratulations you want and well deserved. It was Julian that actually destroyed Hillary Clinton withContinue Reading