Is the famous Australian Made kangaroo logo really changing? Some things you simply cannot believe. Who in hell put the lunatics in charge of the asylum? Malcolm Turnbull says it all. Ten million dollars for a picture of a virus? Time to start hanging these fools, if you wonder whyContinue Reading

A world long gone and taken over by madness. Blazing Saddles is quite an iconic movie and stands as one of the all time classics ever made. The politically correct have destroyed a beautiful world where racism hardly existed. They in fact created it so lets call a spade aContinue Reading

I think it was Aldous Huxley who wrote a short story on that. Anyone who owns a dog will well and truly see the humour in this one. My little girl who is the love of my life gets called all sorts of names. Anyway enjoy the humour.Continue Reading

We don’t advocate you do this however the humour in it is quite undeniable. This isn’t a training session for bad behaviour at all. All it does is give credence to the old saying “don’t get mad – get even”. I will certainly be more careful with my business cardsContinue Reading