Covid-19 quarantine: how nature magically healed in Kyiv (Kiev – Ukraine) This Covid-19 has been a major wake up call for the world. In a perverse way its simply the best thing that has happened ever. This was sent to me from a friend in the Ukraine, it isn’t theContinue Reading

Chinese are Chinese first regardless of how long they have been here – fact. Yes Chinese Bullying is worldwide – and they don’t give a damn and are quite open about it. They have gotten away with it for so long with their own citizens they seriously cannot see aContinue Reading

Former United States President Barack Obama is clearly a nutter and one fool that should never have been in public office. The only thing Obama is suited for is collecting supermarket trolleys.  Here he is telling Australians what caused the bushfires and has copped one of the most serious rebukesContinue Reading

Make no mistake about it, Australia is going to lose many of it’s native animals, birds etc. And the idiots are still preaching climate change. Meanwhile the Greens Party are no doubt still concerned about back burning where one sparrow will lose a tree to perch in. That problem solved,Continue Reading

The Climate Change narrative causing the bushfires in Australia has been trashed on so many levels it isn’t funny. Yet the politicians who are tax collectors for the United Nations are now stuck with this garbage and cannot get out of it. There have been about 200 arrests in relationContinue Reading

Greta Thunburg has crossed a line she should have never crossed. The whole climate change narrative is now shot to pieces. Does she actually think Australians are so born dumb we need her to tell us about bushfires? We have been fighting those since the first white settlers arrived. ThContinue Reading

You cannot make this stuff up Soylent Green – here we come The state of Washington is the first in the union to start “composting” dead human bodies as crop “fertilizer,” bringing to real-life the fictitious scenario depicted in the famous dystopian film Soylent Green. Bill 5001 will take effectContinue Reading

The drought is having a clearly devastating effect on bees, that upsets the entire ecology cycle Honey shortages predicted as beekeepers face worst conditions on record due to bushfires, drought Beekeepers are facing a tough season, with bushfires and droughts taking their toll. (ABC Rural: Melanie Groves) Australia is facingContinue Reading

Pauline Hanson (One Nation) and Bob Katter never had an original thought between them. Pauline Hanson is a born thief of ideas. She has come up with this brainwave to implement the Bradfield Scheme as a means of dealing with the drought conditions. That has only been around since aboutContinue Reading

How does this affect us? We just happen to fully agree and support exactly that. It has always been our position to walk away from the United Nations. These lot cause more problems than anything else. Still think the New World Order will work? Trump administration notifies UN of plannedContinue Reading