My my, people are finally growing up.  Researching stuff? Disciplining the kids? Budgeting? Proper home cooked meals? Fresh produce? Judicious buying? No more made in China rubbish. Open/closed borders? Making your own fun? Took a cold virus to do it. Maybe things are not so bad after all. This coronaContinue Reading

A school gets money for a swimming pool they don’t want and have no room for. Queensland again. Really you have to ask, how incredibly stupid are these current politicians. Its as bad as Gillard’s school funding debacle where schools ended up with 2 halls and 2 libraries, whether theyContinue Reading

About time mobile phones were banned in schools. Just wish the rest of Australia would follow suit. The kids will think its the end of the world but hey, they have to wake up one day and learn to live without them. Well done West Australia. AIM will support thisContinue Reading


It isn’t looking good at all, the following article from the British Times says it all. Fourteen percent pass mark for top level maths as a pass mark. Ummm – what is the pass mark for lower levels? It goes quite beyond anything comprehensible. We at AIM are a veryContinue Reading

This garbage has to stop. All this transgender/binary behaviour  doing is trying to normalise disgraceful perverted conduct and certain sick and twisted minority sections of our society who are strong advocates of it. These people are nothing more than sick and twisted morally corrupt with zero regard for human dignityContinue Reading

There is simply no question about it, the education standards are slipping badly. Its all about political correctness and the need to ensure everyone feels as though they are worthy and can achieve. The simple fact of the matter is there is always those who cannot or do not wantContinue Reading