This is the Queen Elizabeth 2, flagship of the cruise industry. A cruise around Australia for $100 a day. I have not seen prices like this for 25 years with any cruise company. So how are the other cruise companies going and airlines etc. Yep hoteliers, tour operators everyone. ThankContinue Reading

Something has to change, too many filling their own pockets and hiding under the umbrella of charity or religion, in most cases both.They are not charities or religious groups, they are businesses. The Salvation Army is one of the worst. We advise to select where your money goes very carefully.Continue Reading

Scott Morrison, otherwise known as Scomo. If you thought Gillard and Rudd were bad this fool leaves them trembling in his wake. He is only a lackey of the United Nations still pedalling this climate change garbage that all of Australia has found laughable in the extreme. He started offContinue Reading

Here we are in the middle of one of the worst water shortages ever and these Queensland politicians are spending money on travel like drunken sailors. This is quite outrageous and hopefully Queenslanders will express their rage next election. Queensland public servants spending millions on overseas travel PHOTO: Ms Trad (left)Continue Reading

you watch both videos and you decide. Both from the 60 minutes show. The two videos have totally opposite viewpoints. It is the decision of AIM we have to stop immigration totally and let infrastructure catch up until 2050. We keep talking about no water, factually there really hasn’t beenContinue Reading

We have at AIM written about Venezuela and its economic woes before. No, we are not making this up nor scare mongering. This is pain simple fact about what is happening in the real world out there. You can vote in Socialism if you feel it is right for you,Continue Reading

At AIM we consider every level of Government indulges in what can only be described as “Kangaroo Chaos” economic policies. The picture below will describe it perfectly. What we have here in fact (as has been stated before) is bureaucrats who simply dont know what day of the week itContinue Reading

This is one of the most grubby underhanded badly thought out without regard for citizens and voters. All parties except Liberals want to introduce it by the very real money launderers, that being the big banks and accounting firms. They want to screw everyone except themselves very badly, We atContinue Reading

It appears that there has been an awful lot of skulduggery going on with retirees funds and siphoned off for other uses the government will not disclose. At AIM we are fully committed to finding out where the money is and exactly who stole it then bring those responsible toContinue Reading