The first Qantas A380 flies to US plane graveyard You cannot make this up. The glory days of jetting and cruising are gone and never to return. World trips are a yesterday thing. Even going state to state is now finished as every time you cross a state border youContinue Reading

Trust in China has plummeted in recent years, poll of Australians says And at the very same time trust in politicians went through the roof – not. This web page is loaded to the hilt with typical ABC bis. No wonder they have had their funding heavily slashed. Just 22Continue Reading

Chinese are Chinese first regardless of how long they have been here – fact. Yes Chinese Bullying is worldwide – and they don’t give a damn and are quite open about it. They have gotten away with it for so long with their own citizens they seriously cannot see aContinue Reading

Starting with Morrison, the whole lot should go. Lets be realistic here. Morrison made a total mess of the bushfire problem, the corona virus issue all he did was make flowery speeches and did zero, and now that China has revealed their true colours he is all at sea notContinue Reading

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is determined to wreck Queensland beyond hope of any recovery. Last count early this year before this current fiasco 90 billion in the hole and God only knows what it is going to end up as. Annastacia Palaszczuk has without help from anyone turned Victoria into aContinue Reading

My mate Blind Freddy can see this a mile off. And yes the Governments are to blame for their stupidity. Renters really have deferrals, not reductions. Owners are not charities, they have bills to pay. The real economic collapse is yet to be felt. And yes the media is asContinue Reading

Thirty percent house price plunge if we cop another corona virus – its planned I have heard on the grapevine. This is your Government working for you after shutting down the country without just cause. The death rate (all causes is no different this year compared to the last 3.Continue Reading

The Department of Defence warned last year that a Pandemic attack would emerge from Asia. Three months of lockdown and we go under.  Most of the cyber attacks on this website originate in either China, Ukraine or Russia. That is a fact from the logs and security protocols in placeContinue Reading

Immigration – the bane of our existence in Australia. With record unemployment and it will take years to clear the backlog, what is Scott Morrison and his mob doing? Importing record numbers of people. It will be good for the country. Rubbish, he is a New World Order lackey, throughContinue Reading