Black Lives Don’t Matter

Please do NOT confuse this post with the legitimacy of the deaths in custody issue.

The whole Black Lives Matter radicalism started with the Black Panther movement. This started about the mid 60’s and followed the idealism of Islam. Please do not be under any illusion about that, It is all Islamic backed and funded all around the world. The entire BLM is Islamic, ANTIFA has simply jumped on the gravy train of trouble. The very first image is where the Black Panther movement first got world headlines at the 1968 Olympics. The first video proves beyond doubt the whole thing is Islamic backed. The two videos after that raises the question, do black lives really matter.

black panther salute olympics

This first Video is in Australia. Yes – Australia where everything is peaches and cream. Avi Yemeni has it right. And Police do bugger all about it. As he points out if it were whites who attacked a black it would be all over every media outlet for weeks and Police falling over each other to prosecute.

Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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