Best Decision I Ever Made

In life you make decisions. Being a type 2 diabetic this affected my teeth big time. I ended up having all my uppers removed and a full upper denture plate. What a disaster that was. A mouth full of plastic and really could not chew much at all. After a few months of, lets say, being totally annoyed, I made the decision, get implants. It could not be any worse than what I putting up with. The costs!!!! About AUD $4000 per tooth in Australia. This was totally prohibitive. That started me on a world wide search as I recalled years earlier Britain had what they called dental holidays to Egypt therefore the answer was in the rest of the world, not Australia well known for medical overpricing to put it mildly. What I needed was an entire top teeth replacement.

implant supported bridge

Something like the picture except the whole lot of uppers at once. There is a prerequisite before this can be done, the surgeons need at least 8mm of bone in which to screw the implants in. Bone can be built up so there is a work around to the problem. In my case I was ok with this except at the very back molars so I decided to do without them. Lets not kid ourselves, it was painful and I was basically living on soup for 2 weeks. This can be done on the spot but requires extra time which I did not have.

The whole lot was done in 16 days including air travel. The mistake I made was in not allowing healing time when the gums were cut open. I would advise a weeks break between when the implants are put in to allow some gum healing time and when the rest of the construction work is done. This is major mouth surgery so don’t kid yourself that it is a walk in the park.

The search took me to all corners of the world and lots of correspondence with a lot of these experts all over the world. Many said a full set could not be done, others wanted several visits over 6 months, none of these options suited me. The lot at once was what I wanted. The answer lay in implant supported bridges – a relatively new technology. I found a dental group in India – they had 5 clinics all over India and Dubai who could do it. And – in 2 weeks.

Now India has for some a very bad rap sheet, quite undeserved and without any real basis of fact. I have worked and dealt with the Indian people for years, they are generally very lovely people and very professional. My Indian taxi driver friends if they need specialist work they jump on a plane go to the Punjab or where ever and are back here in a few days, the price offset covers the flights easily. These guys are friends so they are not going to steer me in the wrong direction. No you do NOT get Cholera or Typhoid everywhere at all, you can actually eat at any reasonable restaurant you like, They have good quality drinking water readily available everywhere and chai all over the place, yummy.

I ended up choosing a dental group called Dentzz. I selected their main office in Mumbai.

Dentzz dental group

The very first thing they do is a full and proper scan to check that the procedure can be done. Yes they have all the modern gear there and the level of hygiene they practice is outstanding. I also had to have a HBA1C blood test done, every diabetic knows what this is. The interesting thing about this test was that it was done at the local hospital for AUD $30. It took all of 35 minutes from the time I walked in the front door until I walked out again, and the results were available next morning. Try and get that done in any western country.

The video below shows the basic procedure. I have an Australian friend in the Ukraine and it appears these highly trained (in Russia) dentists can do the same at a similar price it all cost me so there are many options. For me the Ukraine flight costs are higher.

This was all a year ago, not a single problem with the implant. I can chew apples, eat steak and almost back to normal tooth functions. I just dont push it as to what my teeth can do. I repeat the headline – best decision I ever made. Next time I will need a complete set of lower implants and yes will go back there. This time it will be longer so I get to see the Taj Mahal, go to the state of Kerala and enjoy a few days river cruise. Dont need that pain ever again..

One of the benefits obtained was the very cheap optical work. I got a set of prescription glasses for $35, complete, Now get this, an hour from testing to having the glasses ground and ready to take home. I went there with an ex partner and we had all sorts of optical work done. I ended up with 2 sets of Indian Ray Ban aviator style Polaroid sunnies for $50 each. In short with what we both got the savings cut out three quarters of the airfare costs comparable to Australian costs. The spice markets are to die for. The owner of the spice shop I went to had relatives in Australia that lived not far from me, and yes he comes here quite often. Please, do not write off the Indian people at all. Food, fantastic when I could eat properly.

Follow this link for Kerala images:

Kerala Images


Oh yes, the costs.

A year ago, $11,000 Australian dollars.

All surgery, flights, hotels, taxi, tourist things, shopping, laptop rebuilt, optometrist purchases, everything. The lot for 2 people.

Now do this anywhere else if you can.


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