Australians Are Now Suffering Big Time

And little wonder we are. All sides of politics bowed to the United Nations, Global warming and climate change scam and bled our country dry. Its that simple. Some serious questions need to be asked with what will end up as 50% unemployment and a pile of mum and pop businesses down the plughole. Businesses that once did well now shut and employees out begging Centrelink for benefits. Social media is full of these stories. The taxi industry as well as Uber etc are suffering badly. People who decided to get and operate a safe nest egg business are now losing their life savings.


No income, expenses to meet, no food, kids suffering. The ones who will be hurt the most will be the elderly. No, often they cannot get to the shops early and on limited income and cannot afford cab fares.

Federal Parliament decides to break now for 5 months. Will leave that one with you.

Out of this are Federal (and state) politicians who are simply not doing their jobs getting pay and benefits?

Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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