Australia’s Worst Prime Minister Ever

Scott Morrison, otherwise known as Scomo. If you thought Gillard and Rudd were bad this fool leaves them trembling in his wake. He is only a lackey of the United Nations still pedalling this climate change garbage that all of Australia has found laughable in the extreme. He started off pre bush fires pedalling this nonsense and is now caught up in his own lie and has no way out of it. Bring on the next federal election please.

Not only has this expletive miserable excuse been still pedalling climate change his actions in assistance to those affected has been well, he should have stayed in bed. The people of Australia have gotten off their bums and we have helped each other.

This is the garbage he is pedalling, with that kind of stupidity people will never invest here.

And also, it might create longer-term uncertainties about companies wanting to invest here if there is a perceived climate change risk for investment.

australia burns

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