An Inconvenient Truth

At AIM we prefer to deal in realities. In regard to climate change it has proven to be a gravy train of global proportions. Where this webmaster lives on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW we appear to have climate change four times a year. One upon a time it was called seasons. We have just gone through the annual September cold winds coming up from the Snowy Mountains heralding even more global warming that was once called summer.

ben hur

The whole thing has taken on farcical proportions as the video will clearly explain. And the man is right, the truth of it all simply will never change peoples views.These type will continue with the same narrative and dream up a new story and liturgy of excuses as to why they got stuck in polar ice. These same type in Sydney live in suburbs where there is maybe 2 blades of grass to be found – concrete jungles. Where this webmaster lives there is nothing but greenery everywhere, its beautiful. You tell these people this and they look at you like you are are stupid. These very same types love Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I have actually overheard someone say that in order to live there they receive double the unemployment benefits. Truth is most work 6 days a week every week to pay for the lifestyle – something most of these inner west types would never do, that cuts into their activism time.

Lets travel up to the North Shore to these affluent suburbs that are in pristine condition. What a lot of these types never see is the people who live there are forever out and about looking after their suburb, trimming hedges, sweeping the gutters, painting. These are often quite old people who have a high sense of civic pride and yes I love and admire them for it.

Lets get back to the story. A bunch of global warming activists on a tour got stuck in Polar ice. All because they were very stupid and swallowed the global warming garbage hook line and sinker. As for me, I would simply leave them there and let their global warming friends can work out how to rescue them without using fossil fuels and stay very green about the rescue.

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