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Lets get one thing absolutely clear. People can finger point as much as they want however it is you the voter that has allowed these bushfires to happen. Yes youdon’t like the truth from us? Then keep voting the way you always have been, go into denial and walk around in blissful ignorance hoping something will change.

The raging Australian bushfires have brought home some truths. Scott Morrison now could not win a chook raffle if he held all the tickets, nobody wants Labor and the Greens have shown the full destructive power they are and the fools that vote for them as well. They alone are being held singularly responsible for the mess. The Morrison Government are simply United Nations lackeys

But wait, dont just stop there. Every single politician, State and Federal is complicit in the sheer level of destruction. Complicity is total and absolute in every respect. All chasing a few votes, the fact is the greens and left will always vote a certain way and there is no appeasing them. Lets get one fact right, we did have one of the very best Prime Ministers ever in the form of Tony Abbott. So what happened to him? He was shafted by 55 of his own Liberal colleagues to install the second worst Prime Minister we ever had, Malcolm Turnbull. It gets worse, Tony’s electorate Warringah ousted him and voted in Labor’s Zali Steggles. What her claim to fame? An Olympic skier. Tony Abbott’s forte? A volunteer fire brigade member of many years standing.Voters in the Warringah Electorate hold your heads high on this one, you are as dumb and stupid as they get. Malcolm Turnbull? A Jewish banker. There you have it in a nutshell. The state of Australian politics and how people vote.

Australian Police Say Arsonists & Lightning to Blame For Bushfires, Not Climate Change
Sit down global warming alarmists.
Paul Joseph WatsonJanuary 3, 2020
Authorities in Australia are working on the premise that arsonists and lightning strikes are to blame for bushfires that have devastated numerous areas of the country, not “climate change” as many global warming alarmists have claimed.
Since November, the fires have struck various regions of the state of New South Wales, destroying thousands of buildings and killing at least 22 people.
Despite the fact that bushfires are not uncommon in Australia, the severity of the damage led numerous climate change alarmists to blame the disaster on man-made global warming.
Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders blamed those who were “delaying action on climate change” for “the blood-red sky and unbreathable air in Australia because of raging forest fires.”
Maar, according to those tasked with investigating the fires, climate change has nothing to do with it.
“Police are now working on the premise arson is to blame for much of the devastation caused this bushfire season,” reports 7 News Sydney.
Authorities in the country have formed Strike Force Indarra, comprising of detectives from homicide and arson units in an attempt to find the culprits.
Other causes for the fires include lightning strikes and a natural weather phenomenon called Dipole, again neither of which have anything to do with man-made climate change.
Many bushfires are also actually caused by environmentalist ‘green’ policies which prevent land owners from clearing their own vegetation to protect themselves.
“Governments appeasing the green beast have ignored numerous state and federal bushfire inquiries over the past decade, almost all of which have recommended increasing the practice of “prescribed burning,” writes Miranda Devine. “Also known as “hazard reduction”, it is a methodical regime of burning off flammable ground cover in cooler months, in a controlled fashion, so it does not fuel the inevitable summer bushfires.”
As ever with climate change alarmists, they don’t let the facts get in the way of a good power grab.

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