A Typical Left Wing Nutter

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A conspiracy theory so fantastic in sheer scale its incredible that anyone could actually dream this up. We have heard of conspiracy theories before, the most famous being 9/11 twin (no wait – 3) towers but this one is the Grand Daddy of all. What does it take to get a hoax of this magnitude to even begin to start let alone execute? It takes a mass of people worldwide for this to happen. Princess Cruises has just mothballed 18 ships for two months over the Corona Virus issue. Seriously, would they do that as part of a conspiracy? The stock markets are crashing and its all turning turtle. You are talking about right wing business people who who under no circumstances want this to happen.

Europe is isolated, travel industry in turmoil, sporting events cancelled. Its all simply too over the top to have a shred of credibility.

Listen to this guy, typical of your left wing fools. Think about it. Got this from Facebook.

Elect one clown and you will get the whole circus

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